View Full Version : What computer and gaming magazines did you buy in the 80s and 90s?

3rd October 2023, 01:37
The earliest I remember were computer magazines a neighbour used to give me in the early 80s, but I forget the title. they were really thick computer magazines that used to cover all home computers and had a review of my first computer, the Amstrad CPC464 in one of them.

I then bought a few copies of Amstrad Action and Amstrad Computer User with the code listings to type in. I spent my summer holidays typing in the code from one of them for a full paint package. It was a huge program to enter, and to my surprise it worked. The issue was with 64kb of ram you could only draw a couple of things before it ran out.

Then news of the new 16bit computers started to appear. I became really interested in the Atari ST and was buying One magazine as well as ST/Amiga Format.

At school we were using Acorn Archimedes computers and I was learning programming so I subscribed to Acorn User which had a lot of code listings and coding tutorials. Plus lots of articles about the UK computer industry.

With the ST I mainly stuck with the ST/Amiga Format, then ST Format. With a few copies of ST Action and The One. I then realised the Amiga was far better than the ST and started saving for one. I bought a few copies of the US Amiga World magazine that features the launch of the CDTV and the A570 CD expandion. Really wanted those but never bought either inn the end.

For the Amiga Cu Amiga was always my favourite magazine, closely followed by AUi. I actually used to subscribe to both of these plus Amiga Format and Amiga Computing. Mainly because they all came with cover disks so you got a load is software and demos every month.

I then remember Edge magazine launching. I still have the first issue, along with many of the other early issues. Such a great high quality publication.

In the PC era I bought a few copies of various Magazines including PC Format, but my favourites ended up being PC Gamer and PC Pro. I subscribed to both for many years, and I still subscribe to PC Pro.wife

These days with the app Readily you no longer need to subscribe to individual magazines. One monthly sub and you have access to turn all including their back catalogues. I've been using this for a long time now to read PC Gamer, Retro Gamer, Edge and leads of others. Well worth a look.

8th October 2023, 02:04
I have vague recollections that my dad used to buy Crash or Zzap, every now and then, when we had the Spectrum (I can't remember which, or why, possibly he was swayed by the tape on the cover).

When we got the Amiga, we'd get Amiga Action, and continued to do so for quite some time. However, Amiga Power was and still is the pinnacle for me, for many years if make sure to buy that every month and would read it cover to cover, often going back to re-read old copies as they were so entertaining, full of wit, humour and life.

Ive never really got into magazines much since then, although I remember in the late 90s dad would buy Mountain Biking UK a lot, and I'd read those.

But once the internet came into my life, any small interest in magazines was gone.

9th October 2023, 02:53
That's great your dad was into computers and gaming too. Complete opposite of mine, who was anti computers and a technophobe. Used to moan all the time about wasting time playing video games, when I could be outside. :lol:

9th October 2023, 22:43
True. He wasn't mega into it, but was quite supportive of it. I could see every now and then the idea of messing about with a computer grabbed him. I think in reality he was too time poor (he worked a physical job and did a lot of overtime, plus all the DIY at the house, plus having a family) to really get into it. He did get really hooked on Mario64 for about a week too.

I remember he played Elite on the Speccy a bit. I think he copied the tape off a mate as I seem to recall a hand-written label on the tape.

It's strange to me, a lot of my my memories are really just little pieces here and there, some moments stick out almost like a snapshot.

Kin Hell
15th October 2023, 09:48
I was just an Amiga Format purist back in the day....

Runner up in the July '94 3D RayTracing Gallery (https://amr.abime.net/issue_217) :)

Buying & Selling was done via Exchange & Mart & another I can't recall the name of right now.... :hmmm:

15th October 2023, 23:31
Exchange and Mart. That takes me back. Was the other one Micromart?

Kin Hell
16th October 2023, 11:36
Exchange and Mart. That takes me back. Was the other one Micromart?

That was the one! :D