View Full Version : Bitmap Books - THE CRPG BOOK: EXPANDED EDITION COMING SUMMER 2023!

27th February 2023, 09:29

Bitmap's The CRPG Book: A Guide to Computer Role-Playing Games by Felipe Pepe was already one of our most ambitious projects, and included over 400 reviews of iconic, influential, forgotten, and remarkable computer role-playing games released between 1975 and 2015. That edition quickly sold out, and raised £22,845 for charity in donated author profits. But now an Expanded Edition is coming, bringing 156 extra pages rich in history and art, 56 new game reviews, several additional articles, a bounty of revised content, and a glorious cover art gallery. The previous versionís 500-plus pages wasnít enough for you? How does a 684-page edition sound?

The Expanded Edition is due in summer this year. Already bought the original? Customers that picked up the previous edition will be sent the updated PDF for free once available.

27th February 2023, 09:32
Now that is what you call customer service and care. Even though they have created a second edition they are going to provide a free PDF of the new expended edition to all existing owners of the original.

The thing is I love looking through these as real books because they are large and glossy coffee table books to explore and dip into. I therfore might have to buy the new updated version and then sell my original copy. I will decide when the PDF arrives.