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Demon Cleaner
7th January 2023, 11:49
Today my girlfriend decided she wants to play some games, so you don't disagree and go for it.

We will start now on the Switch with Super Mario Maker 2 and then play some Switch Sports. I also thought about some Play Link later, always wanted to play Hidden Agenda together. And perhaps after that, if she's still in the mood, some nice adventure, mystery, detective stuff, she loves that. How so much on PC and PS.

We'll see, wish me luck, she's a bad loser, so coop games might be the best :lol:

7th January 2023, 16:02
:lol: girls being bad losers? Never! ;)

My wife only plays games she knows she can win. She will try new games but if she instantly thinks she will never win she won't want to play them every again.

Favorite multiplayer game is Everybody's Golf. I like it too. She wins sometimes so keeps her interested. Tom sometimes plays too.

She also instantly got the hang of Tokyo Olympic Games when it was released and Sony gave it away free during the Olympics. I've never managed to beat her at the swimming or wall climbing.

Used to play Wii Mario vs Sonic Olympic game a lot. And Wii Sports. Need to set the Wii up again.

Not much else she ever wants to play. She tried ahuman Fall Flat when me and Tom were playing it and gave up after a few minutes declaring it was just stupid.

Mainly stick to boardgames and cardgames when want to have some family games these days.

Demon Cleaner
7th January 2023, 19:12
Have to try Everybody's Golf with her, never thought about it, I really like it and she also likes Golf and I think it's not to difficult.

So we played New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for several hours and she really likes it, me not so much but I can deal with it as long it makes her happy.

After that like I said we played Hidden Agenda and she really likes that too, although we died in act 3 and have to start over again, but many interesting choices to make. Btw, Hidden Agenda is from Supermassive Games where we also got the fantastic Until Dawn and stuff.

After that she wanted to try A Way Out, as I told her what it is about and she was interested. As I never played it myself I thought it might be a good opportunity. There's a lot of yelling and shouting involved though :lol: She has problems moving both sticks together, and especially the right one to look around, so basically she's running around blind. I told her now many times how it works but she still doesn't get it, always turning the wrong way around. I told her if you wanna look left, push it left and if you wanna look to your right, push right, but somehow she manages to just do the opposite. The buttons so far work ok, she looks down at the controller and presses the correct one, but R3 and L3 seem to be her nemesis.

7th January 2023, 23:47
That's funny you said about not being about to control 2 sticks at once. My wife is the same. She gave up on Human Fall Flat because the controls need both sticks. And that game infuriating enough when you can use them.

Maybe it's just that we have grown up gaming and have been using dual stick controls for a very long time. Tom had oxus working it out when he was younger, but he has no issue now. He can control Human Fall Flat better then me. But he still has issues controlling cars in racing games. He still has issues accelerating and braking, whilst steering at the same time. Bit strange.

Demon Cleaner
8th January 2023, 10:01
I guess that young kids just lack the feeling of driving a real car, you know exactly when you need to brake or with which speed to take a turn. On the other hand we know how to shoot people although we don't use guns in real life :lol:

Yesterday was still very funny. We cooked and when we had a little pause, like 30 minutes, we played a bit Everybody's Golf, like 2 holes, and she liked it but didn't seem too excited. Btw, whilst explaining the controls, on the second hole, I got a hole in one, I has to laugh so much because it never happened to me before :lol: Then after eating, was around 22 o'clock, I switched off the PS4 as I thought we would watch a movie, she came in and said, ok let's continue the story of A Way Out and definitely wanted to play and not watch a movie, otherwise she would fall asleep she said. So we continued for another 3-4 hours!!! She got better and better, although still struggles with the stick controls, but other than that she's doing really good.

There is a big police car pursuit, but she had to drive, my character was in the back of the van shooting. And omg, she gave all she had and sometimes I looked to her side of the screen and saw what she was doing, avoiding oncoming traffic, managing narrow roads, jumping over gaps, oh my goodness, she was really awesome. Only problem is that the pursuit scene is a tad too long and eventually she got stuck or crashed, would 100% have happened to me too. After the whole thing was over, her hands were hurting so much, as she was cramping the controller too much.

But she really loved it and I'm completely loved it, basically we were playing games for the whole day and I'm happy she also enjoyed it. Told me that she would now be my new gaming partner, the only game she would not play is Rocket League, because that game is stupid :lol:

Let's see what's happening today and in the future, because I know that woman can lose their interest in something very fast, like it came all of a sudden, it might also go again.

10th January 2023, 03:19
We bought Switch Sports hoping it might encourage Lady T to play some. She loved Wii bowling but that was a long time ago.

She was almost completely disinterested. So I have to play with squabbling kids and I must either play badly so they don't lose and whine, or I smash them and win then they whine and cry.

Bah :(

10th January 2023, 09:06
Is it as good as the Wii version?

10th January 2023, 11:23
Is it as good as the Wii version?

It's good, and the new games are fun but it's certainly not as charming as the original and it's missing the mini-game style training elements. It feels both more advanced and yet at the same time it also feels shallower too. It doesn't get as much play time as I was expecting.

Solid but unspectacular

10th January 2023, 13:45
Tom wants a Switch for his birthday in May. It's the only console we don't currently have and my wife keeps asking me to set the Wii up again to play Wii Sports. Was thinking the game being available on the Switch might convince her we need one. ;)

10th January 2023, 20:37
We got a second hand WiiU and had fun with that, and it runs all the old Wii games and accessories too.

The Switch is a brilliant little console - great for kids (and grown ups too) but don't go expecting PS5 levels, it's just not on the same field at all.

For Sports - I miss the boxing and the baseball (a bit). The sword fighting is fun, my son loves the soccer. I enjoy the badminton and the volleyball although they do seem a bit easy.

If this game had come years ago it would have been a big hit I think, but it feels in a way like it was left alone too long and everyone lost the interest. Plus we just have so many other games for the Switch.