View Full Version : Mobile games. What are you playing?

30th December 2022, 09:02
I got a cheap subscription to Android Play Pass earlier in the year and it included quite a few paid games and apps. A bit like Gamepass or PSPlus.

I've been exploring what's on offer. Many are fairly short but fun to play games like the Doors puzzle series. And there are a lot of puzzle games that are useful when you are stuck waiting somewhere, such as Tiny Bubbles and Mini Metro.

I've also been playing a couple of board games a lot. Risk, Ticket to Ride and Rummikub especially.

And I've always got Minecraft installed. I run a family Realm world that I play with my wife and son and we have been building and creating in that for over 3 years now. My castle city has become quite large, as has my son's strange island build.

So what are you playing on Android or Apple?

Demon Cleaner
30th December 2022, 17:20
The game I play since many years is DomiNations. Not really playing on mobile, some soccer games, mystery, puzzle and such stuff. A really nice game I played again lately is I Love You To Bits, excellent :thumbs:

Kin Hell
31st December 2022, 15:52
I have a Moto Edge 2 Pro.

It's a phone & I don't play games on it.

I ring folk, I text folk & that's it.

Boring Old man eh! :shades:

Demon Cleaner
31st December 2022, 17:28
Me too mate, mee too. Never play on the phone but have my iPad on the couch where I sometimes spend some minutes. DomiNations is this typical management game where you log in and collect your stuff, make some war and that's it. Like good old Age of Empires.

I got the new iPhone 14 Pro for XMas though, girlfriend doesn't know what to buy me anymore as I usually buy everything I want on my own. I still have an iPhone 8, which btw I got from my girlfriend some XMas' ago, and I'm totally happy with it, like Kin mentioned, I write some SMS and phone 3x a month, plus it's small and fits well inside the pants pocket. Give me any technology, I'm happy, phones, meh. Not that I'm not happy about the new phone, but I never would have bought it for myself.

31st December 2022, 22:32
I play Android games on my tablet more then my phone.

I've an Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus that I've sideloaded the Google Playstore onto and all the other Google system files needed for it to work. This works just as well as any native Android tablet, but far cheaper. No need to pay more. Good bargain. Got Tom one too and got my dad one with the keyboard case. Even has wireless charging and I bought the charging stand to go with it that works well. Runs every game I've tried except a couple that need the latest version of Android.

My phone is a Samsung S20 5G on a contract so I just replace it when my contract says its time. Next upgrade will be the middle of 2023. But I have to say my S20 still feels as good as when I got it and I don't need anything better. Still supported on the latest OS version. In fact the S8 I had before was still fine too when I upgraded. Biggest improvement on the S20 was the camera. Handles dark and night shots far better. And more storage. I like Samsung phones so will get another one. Probably the S22 as the next S23 will cost too much per month. Maybe the S22 Ultra with the stylus so I can do some design stuff with it and it's got a very good 108MP camera.

Demon Cleaner
2nd January 2023, 13:16
Just imagine, 108MP. What the ****? How is it even possible? The iPhone 14 Pro now has 48MP. Will there be a limit?

3rd January 2023, 02:14
It is mad. Remember when digital cameras first came out and the resolution was awful. 640x480 for many. And the first 5MP seemed brilliant. Then everyone was obsessed with trying to release new cameras with higher MP. Just as camcorders had been obsessed with high zooms of 300x.

The MP limit could get even higher, but there is a compromise. As the MP increases the size of each pixel shrinks and so each sensor takes in less light, making it less sensitive and increasing noise within the image.

That's why many caneras in both smartphones and full DSLRs are not really high MP but more likely 18-24MP. The sensors are bigger and able to capture more light with less noise, so creating fast not accurate and better images.

But in a mobile it is useful to have a high MP sensor so you can digitally zoom into the image. So it could save f.ex 18MP images from the far higher 108MP sensor without having to digitally zoom.

But not for a couple of generations the higher model smartphones all now have multiple camera leneses. None has 4. One a higher MP telephoto lens. Another is a real optical 5x zoon lens, another is a wideangle lens, and the final one is a macro for closeups. It's a great idea and solution to get the best images from all types of shot. And still amazing they can cram it all into a smartphone. You can craft some great looking images on smartphones these days. They will never quite match a full camera with proper lenses, but it's close.

Kin Hell
3rd January 2023, 03:52
I'm loving my 108MP Moto Edge 2.

Pictures are absolutely stunning for a Telephone affair....

108 on the Main (rear) Camera & 32MP on selfie camera (front).

The Moto Edge 3 Ultra (https://www.motorola.co.uk/smartphones-motorola-edge-30-ultra/p?skuId=594) has a 200MP rear camera & 60MP front. :blink: