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6th November 2022, 17:15
There have been a lot of different system boot sequence animations over the years. Some can create great memories and emotions about favouite systems.


A few I've never seen before.

6th November 2022, 21:48
I look forward to watching this, stuff like it is right up my street (I watched a compilation of the BBC2 idents recently, I think it was like 25 minutes long and while objectively it was pretty pointless I really enjoyed it).

I found the Gamecube one neat but a fraction overly long. I did like that you could change the sound effects by holding a particular combination of buttons/

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Wow those Mega CD ones suck. They were skippable, right? Surely?

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Now the JVC X eye and the Wondermega with the same music :jab:

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Goodness me, some of these are so superfluous and overdone.

The "Real world" 3DO one is bad, really bad.

The Jaguar one is punchy and cool. WAIT. Then it's really spoiled by the stupid jingle as the Atari name comes in

I don't remember seeing Mario playing around in the N64 one, was this if the machine was turned on without a cart?

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The OUYA one is cool

6th November 2022, 22:12
I think the N64 one with Mario is only for the Japanese only disc drive addon unit that plugged in under the console.

And yeah, some of them are really bad. I was also shocked by how bad those Sega ones were. How long do you need to see a pixelated logo rotating around a screen. Really hope you could skip it. I never owned a Mega CD so can't remember if you could.

And that 3D0 one was awful.

For me the late 90s and early 2000s system boot sequences bring back thy greatest memories. The PS1 and PS2 were great. And the Dreamcast and Gamecube.

7th November 2022, 00:12
The ones that really hit my nostalgia buttons were the Gameboy, the iconic 'Sega' chant (mega drive), PS2 and the Xbox 360 - these are devices I spent a lot of time on.

Next up, I think I'll look for videos with Windows start up and shutdown chimes.