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25th October 2022, 13:27
Anyone else a fan of the original Parasite Eve?


This Squaresoft game was their first M rated and horror game. It was released on the original Playstation in Japan and North America. But for some reason never saw a UK or European release. Not sure why.

I was luck to discover this game because I had a friend who imported all new PSX games at the time, including all Jap and US releases.

This remains one of my favourite Square titles. It mixed the Final Fantasy RPG and combat elements with horror and utilised CGI in a similar way to Resident Evil.

The sequel Parasite Eve II was released in Europe but was a big disappointment because it was a different game style. Same characters but more an action shooter with horror elements. To me it felt a bit like Dino Crisis.


Finally I've only just discovered they actually did make a third game in the series. I was watching a Youtube video about the series and discovered they had dropped the name Parasite Eve and called it The 3rd Birthday. This was exclusive to the PSP. Don't know how I missed it.

The 3rd Birthday.


Watching the video clips about it, this 3rd game again changed the game style but kept the same characters. I'm going to have to track this one down and give it a play.

Remakes and sequels.

There hasn't been any mention yet of Squaresoft considering another sequel yet or any remakes. The original game would make such a great project for a remake. Hopefully with the success of the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2, 3 and soon to be 4, and the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2, they might decide to go for it. I can but hope.

But someone has made some Parasite Eve remake concepts in Unreal engine 5, and they do look good.


Demon Cleaner
25th October 2022, 15:05
I also liked Parasite Eve, have them in my collection (ROM). Didn't play through any of them though. Plus I hate the Resident Evil movement control.

I also played The 3rd Birthday some months ago as I was adding it to LaunchBox, controls felt quite wonky, but now that you mention it, it indeed resembles Parasite Eve.