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28th November 2020, 08:31
Has anyone managed to purchase one of the new consoles, or is planning to get one soon?

I will definitely end up getting both a PS5 and Xbox Series X, but am happy to wait until all the current launch ordering shortage silliness is over. People are currently listing PS5s for silly money on eBay.

I want the PS5 for the exclusives and because I'm definitely a Playstation fan over Xbox. But I also do want to the Xbox Series X to fully utilise Gamepass, but also because Microsoft continued to include the Developer Mode on these new systems, meaning you can switch into Dev mode and run your own software, which means emulation! I watched a video on youtube testing out the Series S with RetroArch and it ran really nicely, even managing to run Gamecube games quite well. Quite impressive when you consider the Dev mode doesn't actually give you full access to the new hardware directly, but obviously it still takes advantage of the fast processor, GPU ram and fast SSD.

8th December 2020, 05:09
I have loved the PS4 since I got one just over a year ago. I've still got a bit to get through, so I'm quite happy just to keep plodding along and wait for a price drop before I do anything. TBH I still find the PS4 graphics pretty impressive so I'm in no rush.

I hear the new controller is pretty neat though

9th December 2020, 16:42
I agree with you there. I was very late to the PS4 too. Just over 2 years ago. I still had a load of PS3 games to get through, plus a lot of console games were on PC, so there was no rush. I also waited until a lot of the games I wanted were on greatest hits, or always discounted. I've been grabbing most games I wanted really discounted in the sales over the last year so have a lot to play.

But I also gad in mind that the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 games, so whatever I bought woulda carry over. Plus loads of PS4 games are getting free PS5 updates. Even games as old as The Witcher 3.

Really though as you said the PS4 still delivers pretty nice graphics. It's hard to believe it's a 7 year old platform. There's only really a need to upgrade to get 4K at the moment as most games are being released on both.

I actually started played PS4 games more now my son has got into gaming more. Our favourite game is Minecraft Dungeons. Great multiplayer Diablo style hack and slash game. Have you tried it?

21st December 2020, 17:32
i want the new PS5, but i will wait a bit more. I don't like to buy the first lot of it. Usually first lot has some hardware problems that are corrected in next releases. Maybe in 2 or 3 months i buy one.

22nd December 2020, 10:51
That's very true. Always hardware and/or firmware issues to begin with.