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13th August 2020, 13:01
Hi all,

I recently had to buy a new phone and I've moved away from both Apple and Samsung, now using Oppo phones. I've grown tired of the ever increasing price tags and reduction in specs.

Where are you all sitting on the spectrum?

Stephen Coates
15th August 2020, 10:21
I can't really comment on new ones. My last mobile phone purchase was a Nokia 6150 which I got on ebay for 3 a few years ago. Despite its age it has a remarkably good battery :).

If I were to get a modern smart phone, it would probably have to be something that natively runs free (open source) software where possible.

Demon Cleaner
15th August 2020, 12:00
I can't really comment on new ones. My last mobile phone purchase was a Nokia 6150 which I got on ebay for 3 a few years ago. Despite its age it has a remarkably good battery :).

If I were to get a modern smart phone, it would probably have to be something that natively runs free (open source) software where possible.

Stephen says :lol: I would have been gobsmacked if you said something different.

I used different, was quite happy with Xiaomi phones, based on Android. But then again, I am using iPads, and the constant switching from Android and IOS made me crazy. You know what I mean, where is this feature on IOS, where is this setting on Android. Both have their ups and downs anyway.

At some point, my iPod classic, 160MB was almost full and I couldn't put anymore new music, thus my lovely girlfriend bought me an iPhone, 8 I think, with 256MB 2 years ago for Christmas, and I was very happy, still am now, as I still have it. I'm not the guy buying new phones all the time anyway, because also I use it for, phone calls obviously, messaging and sometimes take a picture as it's convenient.

So I guess it only depends on which features you want to have when it comes to buying a new phone. I hate Apple policy though, c'mon man!!

Btw, I once had an Oppo BluRay player, wow, awesome stuff, never had anything like that before. But also the price is quite hefty, I paid around 1.000€, compared to Samsung, Sony or other brands it's quite expensive, but I have to say, worth it. I sold it though, as I was watching 3 BDs per year, streaming took over quite fast.

And at some point I saw that they also made phones, and I totally liked them, but as I'm not so much into phones, and owned one already, I didn't consider buying one. How is it btw, is it running Android or something else?

17th August 2020, 23:42
I've got a Samsung Phone and smartwatch and they're both pretty good.

At work, it's a couple of Mac OS devices and an iPad.

I quite like the split between work and personal being clearly delineated by a different platform. Although, most of the work stuff is online now anyway (Trello, Jolt, JIRA, Workday, Confluence; and the calendars/email are handled by exchange) it all works on pretty much anything anyway.

I find switching between them fine. I tend not to spend too much time pissing about in settings anymore anyway.

10th September 2020, 03:38
As you could all easily guess, I only use Android phones, not Apple. Wouldn't touch them. :lol:

Currently my main smartphone is a Samsung S8. It recently came to the end of its contract and I was eligible for an upgrade, but when I looked at everything currently available nothing is really that different to my current S8. It still has full Samsung support with the most up to date OS and the hardware is near identical to the newest S20 other than the camera. So at the moment I'm sticking with the S8, and with my contract being with Sky now I've reached the end of the fixed correct length I've paid off the cost of the phone so the monthly contract costs have dropped from 28 to 6. Can't moan about that. And that's for unlimited calls and texts, plus 6GB data.

In fact my wife just renewed her contract and got an S20 5G. Using it is near identical to my S8. Exactly that same 4k resolution screen with curved edge. Exactly the same OS, with minor differences in settings and the edge bar. The S20s 3 lens 64MP camera, with optical zoom, is about the only major new feature, and the reason I considered one myself. But she only upgraded because her Huawei P20 Pro started going wrong and calls sounded distant and underwater. That P20 had a really good multi lens camera. The first multi lens setup on the market I think.

Regarding Apple. I've not been impressed with iOS for a very long time. Originally it was revolutionary as a touch based OS. The first one to get it right. But it now feels very old fashioned and clunky. Android was definitely the worst of the 2 to begin with. Version 2.3 was pretty bad with loads of limitations and instability. I had that one a Sony Play. But some time ago in 2012, with the release of Android 4 2, then 4.4 was the tipping point and android became IMO a mature and far better OS. I remember buying a Google Nexus 7 tablet, and a Nexus 4 phone. Both running vanilla Android with none of the third party phone makers OS tweeks. It just felt really nice and very well thought out, plus fast to use.

At the end of the day though, it's whatever you like the most. I stil have fond memories of Nokia's Symbian OS. I had a Nokia N95 many years ago. That was a great phone, if very thick and brick like. Next to current phones the screen look minute though. Lol.

Demon Cleaner
10th September 2020, 06:03
Problem is, the "contract" I have is the absolute smallest available, I think I pay less than 10 per month. I don't need internet anywhere I am. I'm basically home or at work, and if we are on holiday, my girlfriend has it. Thus I don't get offers for new phones after contract runs out, mine runs constantly.

10th September 2020, 14:42
I never used anything Apple (and i never will, i hate the brand, i hate the logo, i hate people that used it because friends say it is the best, i hate the marketing around it, if someone give me the best iPhone, i would not used it, never. I cant stand the fashion brand idea. I know it has some good products, sure, of course it has, but the price is a no good, and the product idea is a not good for me).
I always buy smartphones below 200 euros. Now, i have a Xiaomi MI8 Lite and is more then enough. I can use it with Xamarin, app inventor, i used it with Arduino, so i am happy. Not the fastest phone in the market sure, but spending 500 or more euros in a smartphone...fxxx i could buy a laptop with that... I hate brands, i cannot use a t-shirt that has a brand logo on it, using something with the apple.... no, never, it's difficult to explain.