View Full Version : Amiga Model X Status Update

10th December 2018, 19:45
Hi guys,

A status update has been released on the Amiga Model X. Due to difficulties with licensing etc., they've decided to focus on the front-end instead of the hardware.


10th December 2018, 20:10
I would be more interested in that frontend than that emulated hardware anyway. I looked into emubee before, and while it is interesting, in the end guys like us have better options for emulation. That frontend sure looks nice though. If I can just have that on my PC to browse my collection then I will surely give it a look.

10th December 2018, 22:24
That front end looks dope, yo, and if I could get a copy of that with all the adfs, roms, etc etc bundled in that would be totes amazeballs. Magazines and stuff too... wow. Love the 'select your Amiga config' interface.

Also at around 12 mins the Superfrog profile pic led to a double-take from me (is that... Steve...? No it isn't)

11th December 2018, 18:02
Interesting, but like Teho said not of great interest when better emulation already exists. But I hope it eventually sees a release as anything new and Amiga related is always good.