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24th September 2018, 14:26
After the success of the NES mini and SNES mini rumours have started to circulate that an N64 mini is on the horizon. Coincidence so soon after Sony's announcement?

The question is, is it needed?

The NES and SNES both sold out, but do we need an N64 mini? It wasn't the most successful system, but contained enough first party titles to put together a decent lineup. But would Nintendo bundle all the best titles? They didn't with the other minis.

Plus you have the launch of the retro store on the Switch allowing you to play a large library of titles. Also you already had access to the N64 library on the Wii. Obviously all needing to be purchased again.

Us retro fans should be rejoicing at all this retro goodness, but is it becoming overkill?

Personally I will stick to my original systems and their Everdrives. ;-)

26th September 2018, 08:32
This has been rumoured for ages. I have heard that due to licensing problems the Rare games probably won't be there which is a shame, but still there were a lot of smashing other titles.

Personally I loved the N64, successful or not doesn't matter to me - it was a golden time for gaming. 4 player local action, ohhhh yeah...... those were the days.

26th September 2018, 10:13
As with every Nintendo system, even when they are not as successful they still end up with some great exclusive titles.

The N64 was no different and like you I really liked what it did have. You have the obvious ones like Mario 64, Zelda and Goldeneye. But there we loads more including the Star Wars games, although there were better versions of those on PC and Dreamcast. I think for that reason if they do create a mini it should concentrate on exclusives.

It would be quite bad not to get the Rare games included because they do include a large chunk of the N64s best games. Conker's bad fur day, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong 64 etc.

27th September 2018, 00:53
You know what was a little under appreciated on the sixty-fo'? Blast Corps. That was fun. And Wave Race 64 was a fun little racer too.

I was also a sucker for a little bit of the WCW/NWO games too (despite the flaws) but I'd imagine licensing for that would be a nightmare.

28th September 2018, 02:05
Wave Race 64 was a great game. The Gamecube sequel was great too.