View Full Version : Classic Amiga Podcast?

19th April 2007, 09:52
Wouldnt it be a great idea to do a podcast?

We could all take turns in doing a part for it! Im sorting a wii podcast out for my site, you can submit them to iTunes and all!

There is a few amiga ones out there. Mainly demo and theme tune casts.

we could combine ideas!

What you lot think?

Demon Cleaner
19th April 2007, 10:57
I think it's a good idea, but at the moment, I have already plenty of work to do for the site.

19th April 2007, 13:11
I agree. We could definitely do one later on that mixes some audio for games and demos, and maybe if we can find some, interviews from people who were involved with the Amiga.