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Stephen Coates
26th September 2016, 19:38
I don't think we have any other LAG members here, but if its of any interest to anyone, the Lincs Amiga Group is celebrating its 10th anniversary this coming Saturday :boing:.

We've booked the larger room next door to the room we usually have, and we have AmigaKit attending, as well as Trevor Dickinson and David Pleasance.

See http://lincsamiga.org.uk for details.

Should be fun :amiga:.

27th September 2016, 09:45
Can you take some pictures of the event for us? Is there an official invitation page or advert? I can post it over on AmiBay.

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Stephen Coates
27th September 2016, 18:59
I will take some pictures.

I think some of the more local people are bringing some nice Amiga setups, and there will hopefully be a projector with demos.

http://lincsamiga.org.uk/ is the official page. Someone (I forget who) made a JPG banner with the same information as the site, but I misplaced it. I think Michael aka Rockape was going to try and put something in the Lincolnshire Echo and in some local shops.

Stephen Coates
3rd October 2016, 08:05
Everyone had a good time at the LAG Bash. About 23 attended, and there was a nice selection of machines to see and play with, including Amigas as well as other stuff.

I'll attach a few photos. I wasn't sure whether to take my flashgun with me, but I did, and I'm pleased that I did as the photos taken with the flashgun came out much better than the one's without it.

Everyone in the hall:


Multiplayer racing game on the projector:


Demos on another projector:


An AmigaOne X5000:


Matthew Leaman of AmigaKit, and a table of goodies:


- - - Updated - - -

CD32 Boot Screen:


One of James' several Raspberry Pi setups. This is in a box with a small composite LCD screen, and a Li-Ion battery, and a Bluetooth keyboard.


CD32 Playing a game:


If memory serves, this is a Mist FPGA machine, emulating an Amiga:


Trevor Dickinson at his A-EON stand, complete with boing shoes, boing socks, boing belt, and boing tie :boing:


Stephen Coates
3rd October 2016, 08:30
A500+ Cartoon Classics pack, complete with a GVP hard drive and an A570 CDROM drive:


A600 setup. I think this was a Vampire upgraded system.


On the right is Mike Clarke, an ex-Psygnosis guy:


Get ready player 1!


The X5000 case:


Darren's vintage technology table:


Galaxy Invader Game:


Memotech MTX512 - A Z80 based machine. Unfortunately this went a bit doolally on the day.


A Hewlett Packard 71B:


A closer shot of the cartoon classics A500+


Rockape trying (unsuccessfully) to get the A1200/060 online via the public wireless network:


James' Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera. He took several photos with this and said he'd send me some of them. He'll first have to transfer them via the Apple Serial port to his PowerMac.


- - - Updated - - -

A boxed A500 setup was one of the raffle prizes:


Rockape drawing the raffle winners:


Cutting the boing ball cake:


3rd October 2016, 14:10
Great pictures. Looked like a really well organised event.

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Stephen Coates
3rd October 2016, 15:53
It was well organised, and was well promoted on the various Amiga sites, and among existing LAG members. We had quite a few people travel from quite far afield. The organiser (Rockape) was hoping there might have been 50 or so people turn up, but I though that was a bit too enthusiastic.

Trevor Dickinson was certainly an interesting person to meet.

3rd October 2016, 16:21
Looks like it was a good event, thanks for the pictures! :)

Kin Hell
4th October 2016, 11:41
Thanks for the pics. :thumbs:

Nice to finally meet Matthew Leaman & put a face to the name. :yesyes: