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Demon Cleaner
28th January 2016, 08:22
Did anyone play this one yet? Was out for PC first, and I saw it yesterday on the PSN, and that for only 20. I then checked out some reviews, and they are quite positive, so I'm pretty sure that I will give it a try.

IGN review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFxjbu2SYjI

28th January 2016, 14:21
I liked it, quite a different take on the space genre. Not at all realistic, but why must everything be? Reminded me a lot of Freelancer in style. The game gets very repetitive though, but I had many hours of fun with it nonetheless.

Demon Cleaner
29th January 2016, 03:57
The game gets very repetitive though
That's one negative point I read several times, and that's one thing that is indeed bothering me a bit. Don't like when games are too repetitive, as they get tedious then. But if you like it, it's less annoying. Had the problem lately with AC: Black Flag, quite liked the ship battles in the beginning, but later, I tried to avoid them, as I got really bored. Have to say that in AC: Black Flag, everything got a bit boring throughout the game, as the side missions were the same over and over again, just concentrated on the main story, and that was fine.

Bought the game now on PS4, but I have to play other stuff first.

29th January 2016, 12:51
Funny you should mention the Black Flag naval battles, the battles in Rebel Galaxy were heavily inspired by it. So it's been described as a cross between Freelancer and Black Flag several times. It has some fresh ideas compared to other space games like you piloting a large and cumbersome vessel instead of a small fighter, and the western/blues/rock music choice giving it that lawless frontier vibe. But once that novelty wears off and the repetetiveness kicks in...

Still worth the cost even if you can't bear playing all the way through it in my opinion.

Another funny thing, I noticed something strangely familiar with one of the aliens and discovered it actually spoke very very bad norwegian! It sounded google-translated, google is not good at translating norwegian and the alien was making the same mistakes as google usually does. Plus, it sounded like it was being spoken by someone who has zero knowledge of scandinavian phonetics. Sounded more like an Uruk-Hai to me! Intrigued, I did some searching and it turns out this was exactly what they'd done! One of the devs had just pasted the english script into google and read its norwegian translation with no idea how to. Voila, alien language!

Interestingly for you perhaps, another of the aliens in the game speaks finnish in the same manner! I never recognised which one it was when I played through it though. The norwegian one was a mission giver you meet relatively early and had missions concerning some Phial of somethingsomething.

29th January 2016, 13:58
That's really interesting about the Alien languages. A bit of a cheek really, especially for those of you from Scandinavian countries. However I expect it saved them a lot of time and money, especially if they are a small developer. And I suppose they thought most of their buyers will be English speaking so they could get away with it.

Regarding Rebel Galaxy, I've not played it yet. Had it on my Steam wishlist since prerelease, but not purchased it yet. Has some positive player reviews on there.

I've heard the sound track is meant to be good.

I still have so many other games to play yet.

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31st January 2016, 11:12
I didn't mind the language thing though, thought it was pretty funny actually. As I looked that up I also learned that the developer is only two people. But experienced people, one or both of them worked on Diablo and then Torchlight. That's where the randomly generated nature of Rebel Galaxy comes from I guess. The original Rebel Galaxy concept was outlined and suggested by one of them while they were still at either Blizzard or Runic Games, but it wasn't chosen for development. And when they left to do their own thing they were allowed to take their concept with them and develop it. Anyway, being only two guys I perfectly understand why they took shortcuts with developing the alien languages. And why there's not enough variation in the gameplay I guess.