View Full Version : Medieval Army Strategy Game

18th July 2015, 20:06
I've been looking for this game for a while and I cannot find it anywhere. It was a top down view of a battleground where you controlled your (human) army which consisted of footmen, knights, archers, catapults, etc. Each group of units had an icon above them that displayed which unit they were. It was a level based game where you would go to the next point on the map and defeat the enemy army there to advance. After each level, each unit type could be upgraded and the units that would be used could be changed.

19th July 2015, 00:45
So it was set in medieval times, or were you fighting other races?

And was it turn based? Visible movement grid (hex?)

4th August 2015, 22:50
From what I can remember, it was not turn based. There was no visible movement grid. I believe other races were involved.