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Stephen Coates
6th May 2015, 15:02
Who are you voting for in the latest general election?

I've voted by post this year, and voted for Labour. Our current local labour MP is pretty good, so I'm more than happy for him to stay.

On the bigger picture though, I didn't think any of the choices were particularly good, so I figured Labour was probably making the best out of a bad situation, as I don't care much for UKIP or the Conservatives. 5 years ago, I voted Liberal Democrats, but I'm not really sure what to think of them at the moment.

The only other choice was English Democrats. I have seen no posters for them, had no correspondence, and our candidate (who lives several cities away from here) didn't respond when the local paper asked all the candidates why we should vote for them. Therefore, I don't have a clue who he is.

7th May 2015, 12:35
Yes I voted by post too, and voted Conservative.

We don't normally allow politics to be discussed on here, but I will make an exception because it is the election.

Where I live in Fishbourne, Chichester is a Conservative strong hold and never likely to change. We don't even have any Labour councillors putting up for election this year!

I have to admit I do agree with every policy UKIP announced for this election, but for me it would be just throwing my vote away because we would never elect them here. If it were proportional representation then I might reconsider. Equally they are currently too unstable as a party to be trusted to carry any of their policies forward. Look at their candidates removed from running recently for example.

However my local Conservative MP is one of the most respected PMs in parliament, and is very proactive for the biggest issue we face in Chichester, and that is flooding. He helped me greatly after our house flooded the last time and managed to get all the local agencies to respond to our questions and visit us to look at our situation and help us understand the reasons for the flooding and what could be done to prevent it in future, plus push forward the local councils to do urgent maintenance on the drainage in our area. He is also proactive in stopping the new houses builders are attempting to build on our local farm land, and for the number of houses proposed our local infrastructure would me be able to cope. So for me he was the only candidate as far as local issues were concerned.

Also for me voting in a general election is more than just voting for your local MP. The leader of the party, and those standing behind him in positions such as the Chancellor have to be strong enough character that you believe they can hold their own in parliament and government overall to make a difference, and also to represent us well on the world stage.

And finally, I personally just don't understand why anyone would vote Labour. Ed Milliband as a leader would not be good because he is just so insipid and has about as much personality as Brown did. And Ed Balls? What good can you say about him. I am very worried if they get into power because Labour will quickly borrow a lot of money again and push the country back into another recession. They have not been able to justify any of their spending pledges, other than to say it is all coming from taxing the rich to pay for the poor. Showing how Conservative I am, I don't see why those whom have become successful should be penalised to fund the poor. Especially when it isn't actually the poor that need the help. Middle class families such as myself are the ones struggling the most and it is these whom Labour will hurt the most.

Stephen Coates
8th May 2015, 14:46
Well, I'm quite disappointed with the results, and to be honest, quite surprised. I really didn't think the Conservatives would do as well as they did.

I reckon Harrison will be pleased though :ninja:.

Who did everyone else vote for?

Fortunately John Healey (Labour) won here. UKIP also did pretty well getting 25% of the votes.

8th May 2015, 17:48
I was surprised by just how badly labour actually did. When I saw the final exit poll last night I didn't believe it would go as well as a conservative majority, and then the final results mirrored the exit poll very closely. Something the polling companies will have to explain because their polls from previous days were very different.

For me it was the best result ever. I laughed when Ed Balls lost his seat, and cheered when Milliband resigned. Although I think it's a bit of a cowards response to do so, a they were still elected by their constituents and therefore should see it though and fight to regain their trust and popularity, not fall on their sword.

The result will mean something very different depending on where you live. For me, living in West Sussex, the policies of the conservatives for what we need and to stop what we don't, especially labour building expensive housing on our green field sites and farms, was very important.

Stephen Coates
8th May 2015, 18:53
Have these party leaders actually quit completely, or are they staying on as MPs and just stepping down as party leaders?

It does seem quite common for all the party leaders to leave after a general election. Not sure why.

9th May 2015, 03:08
It just means they quit as party leaders. If they were re-elected then they will still be back benchers.

Kin Hell
9th May 2015, 12:31
Aye. Down here in Cornwall, it's always been the same fence sitting party in charge for 20+ years: aka the Lib Dems. Not this time! - Cornwall went from Orange to Blue overnight & the Scot's paid Labour back for a stab in the back with RE to no coalition. Labour was virtually wiped out in Scotland. I think the best party won to take us forward & the next 5 years will tell a story worth remembering one way or another, that's for sure. ;)