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Kin Hell
3rd May 2015, 15:55
Up for grabs is a C=A3640 Rev 3.1. It's had about 12 hours of use since the Re-cap back in June 13 & recently tested to photo the event here.
She's sporting a fully fledged 040 @ 25Mhz with FPU & MMU.

Special Notes: v3.1 works in A3000/4000 but has problems with certain Zorro cards which use DMA. - AKA Z3 fastlane, C=A4091 SCSI card.

]http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-Front-Thumb.JPG] (http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-Front.JPG)
]http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640Back-Thumb.JPG] (http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640Back.JPG)

The low profile CPU Heat-sink is as supplied with A3000D's. Unfortunately, the retaining clip is missing. If anyone specifically wants this card for an A3000D, I can remove the Chunky Heat-sink & fix the low profile affair in place with some Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive. Please note: You may damage the CPU/PCB trying to remove the Heat-sink after employing AS TA. :guru

]http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-A3000-Heat-Sink-Thumb.JPG] (http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-A3000-Heat-Sink.JPG)

Here's SysInfo and ShowConfig screens:

]http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-01-Thumb.JPG] (http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-01.JPG) ]http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-02-Thumb.JPG] (http://www.kinhell.amibay.com/Kin/Pics/Amiga Sale/C=A3640/C=A3640-02.JPG)

100 + Shipping + PayPal fees
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Kin Hell
22nd May 2015, 14:45
Sold on EAB. :)