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Demon Cleaner
9th January 2015, 11:11
They have a nice book about the ZX Spectrum, might be interesting for the UK guys, who had mostly Sinclairs at the time. Already 2 volumes available.


Demon Cleaner
28th January 2015, 04:42
No one interested?

28th January 2015, 10:57
I would be if the book would arrive here In Lisbon for a bit less... 25 pounds plus shipping...

28th January 2015, 17:09
I was one of the few whom never owned a ZX Spectrum back in the 80s. I owned an Amstrad CPC instead. A few friends had them so I got to play on them, but the software was mostly inferior to the Amstrad, or the same as a lot of developers were lazy and just did straight ports.

28th January 2015, 17:43
Sorry, I meant to post the first time around but didn't immediately and forgot.

I actually contributed to the kickstarter of this as I did his earlier Ocean book and have again for volume 2 of this. It arrived last week but I haven't read it yet. I'm not actually particularily interested in the Spectrum, but it does have its place in history as many british developers started out on one. I think the Spectrum really only did well in the UK, but I may be wrong. I never knew anyone that had one back then here anyway.

28th January 2015, 21:39
It was released under a different name in the USA. The Timex Sinclair 2068. And there were loads of Eastern Block clones so fairly popular in Russia.

28th January 2015, 23:21
The 2068 were built in Portugal. The markets were Portugal, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Russia, and maybe some more. It only had small improvements.

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But didnt know about USA. Maybe they were built in other countries as well.

28th January 2015, 23:23
You also had the Timex Sinclair 1000, which was a ZX-81 clone.

I just looked it up and it was Timex of Portugal that produced the Timex Sinclair models for export to the USA, and also released them in Portugal and Poland. And I didn't know this, but it was Timex of Scotland who produced the original Sinclair computers, so that is why Timex got the contract and branded them for the USA market.