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12th September 2014, 10:45
Got my Everdrive 64 today. Woo Hoo. Yes, it's expensive but by the gods it is wonderful. It may well be a GoldenEye day today.

P.S. 16GB class 10 SDHC card is a touch of overkill. 8GB needed max.

12th September 2014, 15:28
The Everdrive 64 is a great device.. I've had mine quite some time now. Much better than emulation.

Get the best image quality by investing in an s-video cable too as UK PAL n64s can't do rgb scart.

The Mega Everdrive and Super Everdrive are also worth it.

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12th September 2014, 15:33
Mines doing SCART fine but my TV doesn't do NTSC colours well though. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/09/12/5fc0d67d38316c10a4b13bacb64fe48f.jpghttp://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/09/12/5db9629e739e404cbd4676d45994102a.jpg

12th September 2014, 18:13
It will do scart, but the image is composite.

Mine also has colour issues with NTSC games. although I've only been running it on an old 15" LCD tv and not tried my newer ones. I never had that issue with my Z64 Mr Backup. Will need to investigate and play around with it.

13th September 2014, 20:16
I have the colour issue with all my retro consoles on my TV so I'm sure it's that that's the problem. Also it doesn't have s-video so I couldn't do that anyway.

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Im having issues getting Gameshark codes to work I.each. They don't. Can anyone tell me how to get them working?

24th September 2014, 09:23
It may well be a GoldenEye day today.

That would be a fine day indeed. Even better with 3 buddies with genuine controllers there too.