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Demon Cleaner
19th August 2014, 15:29
Finally!! I have an almost ready Hyperspin setup, covering 85 systems and 45.000 games. It's 2TB big, and covers everything that Hyperspin has on their page. I got it from a guy, who did all the tedious work of setting up databases, modules, videos, emulators, configurations...

At the moment I'm going through the emulators one by one, to make them run properly, some also need tweaking. I also go through every folder to look for obsolete or duplicate stuff. I started a documentation to cover every single emulator, which ones Hyperspin uses, which version (perhaps I'll update), how to set them up or configure ingame controls or settings.

This will be a lot of work from today on, but I have some spare time at work (as usual ;)). I just put the whole set on an external 2TB disk, so I can take it with me easily. It runs perfect from the disk, just has to have the letter H: to run.

I will also see if I can add some stuff, but that's quite difficult, because there's no videos or pictures for every game on the Hyperspin site. You know there's even pics for every single game on the wheel in the frontend, so if you add a game, that one is missing, and it ends up not looking anymore. I tried f.ex. with Apple II games, there's only 5 in the set, and also Hyperspin only hosts files for these 5 games, so if you want to add a game, you need a video, a picture of the game, a picture for the wheel, plus you need to edit the xml file. So just imagine editing the xml file for hundreds of games!! Impossible. You would have to add this for every single game:

<game name="Cavern Creatures (1983)(Datamost)" index="" image="">
<description>Cavern Creatures</description>

But anyway, I think there's loads of games, MAME already has a lot, plus the most important and famous for every system are present.

I will keep you updated and I hope that I will be able to finish it, but it can take some time, there's loads of stuff to go through.

19th August 2014, 16:42
Playing 1 game in each day.... you should have games for 123 years... :ninja: :nuts:

19th August 2014, 18:10
All your hard work could come in very handy for the emulator site.

Btw, where did you find home computer Rom sets? I've only managed to get console rom and ISO sets.

Demon Cleaner
19th August 2014, 19:29
Btw, where did you find home computer Rom sets? I've only managed to get console rom and ISO sets.
No-Intro stuff from PD, and some other collections I own since long time, can't remember where I got everything from. I have quite a lot.

Anyways, wanted to do something, gonna PM you tomorrow.