View Full Version : ScummVM 1.7.0 released!

22nd July 2014, 15:57
Finally the next full version of ScummVM has been released.

Support for an additional 45 games has been added! :)

Read up on the full update and download the emulator by going to:


Demon Cleaner
22nd July 2014, 18:57
Great, long time we didn't see any update.

22nd July 2014, 19:01
Wow, The Neverhood, got to check that!

Demon Cleaner
9th August 2014, 01:02
Available now at PD.

11th August 2014, 12:32
And if you have the older 1.6 set then it only needs to download 10.5% or 9.45GB from the 89.7GB total to update. :)

13th August 2014, 16:30
And the Android version? Is there a proper way to simulate the right click button?