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15th May 2014, 10:49
A very nice member of Amibay called Chris recently offered his whole Amiga collection to anyone willing to collect it as he hadn't used it in years and didn't want the hassle of trying to sell it all.

I drove over to Salisbury and collected the lot on Tuesday, and a very nice collection it is too. The funny thing is I was downsizing my collection in the last couple of years, selling my A4000 last year.. and some of my lower end Amigas.. and now I suddenly have more back than I recently sold and a larger collection than ever! :lol:

My wife just rolled her eyes!

Included in the collected items is some very nice hardware.

A4000 in a tower case (dead motherboard at the moment, due to leaking battery)
A second empty A4000 tower case with a Zorro/ISA daughter board
Blizzard Cyberstorm 060/PPC accelerator (I've always wanted one of these)
Mediator PCI 4000 Zorro/PCI board + Elbox 4000 busboard with Voodoo 3, Soundblaster, Network etc PCI cards
Cybervision 64 graphics card
Cybervision PPC graphics card
Zorro Octagon 2008 SCSI card
Zorro MultiinterfaceCard III
Zorro FastATA 4000
GVP Impact A500 HD8+ Series II

Plus a huge number of boxed games which will be brilliant for scanning for the site. Lots of Amiga related books and loads of boxes of floppies (1000+).

I'm not going to keep everything, but a towered A4000 has always been on my wishlist so I'm going to try and get that working and keep that for a bit to play around with.

I've also never has a graphics card for an a4000 before, so this will be fun.

He was happy for me to sell anything I didn't want to keep, so I'm thinking anything I sell would be good to fund future development of both classicamiga and Amibay, and the software once scanned could be good for a sales stall at a future retro event Amibay attends.

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15th May 2014, 11:40
What a top bloke. I would say it actually make sense for someone like you to have got it also as the idea to sell some of the stuff and then plough that into the site is a perfect end to this deal.

Look forward to hearing more mate and how you get on with it.

Stephen Coates
15th May 2014, 13:07
Wow, that's a load of cool stuff :). Well done Harrison. I hope you have room for it!

I hope you'll be taking pictures for us :p.

15th May 2014, 13:21
OMG !!!!!
what will you sell?

Kin Hell
18th May 2014, 08:39
Nice acquisition H. You don't get opportunities like this often so you must embrace this in every manner. If the PPC card is the high end 060 with SCSI, that is just putting a cherry on the top completely. Hats are off to Chris. :)

25th November 2014, 20:14
Cool! :cool:

11th December 2016, 05:40
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