View Full Version : Classicwb Background icons vs name files --- why?

21st April 2014, 13:38
just did a new install of classicwb (3.9) all is working nice but:

by default it cames with a windows background, some kind of image gradient, and for example when i go to games and choose lets say letter T, if if lists by icons, everything is ok, but i prefer to list by name, so he list, but directories are listed in blue, almost the same color as the image gradient.
I cannot remember where can i change that. i try GUI setup, and i can change window background, but it only affects when it lists by icon, if i change to Names (windows+view by name) if shows the image gradient.
Why the background on icons not the same as by by names??? where can i change this?

- - - Updated - - -

Just change something on "CXHandler" and it remove that background... but i cannot find what diid i changed

- - - Updated - - -

It was the cooper option in CXHandler, if i turn it off, the backgound just go to flat color, if it's on it stays gradient.

Got this info:
The copper can also change colour registers mid-frame, creating the "raster bars" effect seen commonly in Amiga games. The copper can go further than this and change the background colour often enough to make a blocky graphics display without using any bitmap graphics at all.

24th April 2014, 19:44
Hi Tiago, you've probably sorted this by now but I thought I'd reply.

The copper background is a user selectable option on install, but you can easily disable it after install. You need to use the" Settings->Components->Copper Menu" either from the run Icon on the Workbench (Computer Icon bottom left of a default install) or under the right clock Popup Menu "Workbench->Settings->Components->Copper".

Nearly all extras can be enabled or disabled this way. Never realized the default for list directories is blue and clashed with the default copper background in OS39 - thanks for letting me know - I'll look at changing that with the default copper background. I think OS39 uses the same colour for window borders and text as it does for directories in list view, so I will have to check if there is a way to change or if it's hard coded into Workbench.

Also you will find that you can bring up the Copper Demon Prefs either from CXHandler or by selecting the option from under the Settings Menu, where you can select your own colours for the gradient. Instructions for Copper Demon are also available in the "DH0:System/Copper" drawer.

28th April 2014, 10:32
Hi Bloodwych,
yes i went to CXHandler and disable it there. It worked.
The backgroud is the same color as directory list, but only in top part of the screen, from center to bottom it starts to get a new color and you can read better.