View Full Version : Did Lemon get closed?

Demon Cleaner
15th April 2014, 23:29
Lately I couldn't access Lemon64 nor Lemonamiga, it said "site suspended".

Today it takes me to a swedish site?

Does anyone know more?

16th April 2014, 00:12
Kim Lemon gave up on both Lemon64 and Lemon Amiga a long time ago, but he continued to pay the hosting to keep them both going. However over the past year the sites have gone down a few times due to the hosting not being paid... this appears to have initially happened again this time, but none of the staff moderators knew what was going on.. and it isn't good that the hosting domains have now appeared to have gone into domain parking, meaning they are no longer linked to their sites.

So both sites may have gone for good! :(

Time to redesign and develop classicamiga into classicretro.net and try to fill some of the void left over from their loss?

18th April 2014, 12:37
Sounds like a great idea. Just a shame to loose all that content.

*edit*. Just read that the sites should be back up shortly as they have a new host.

18th April 2014, 14:50
That's good. Lets hope nothing broke during the move.

19th April 2014, 20:58
Yeah I know how much of a nightmare migration can be.