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30th March 2014, 15:50
Hi, I m searching a standard configuration to make all games working with the same configuration and I have some problem with memory.

Cedric : 8 M fast + 2 M chip working
Cedric : 8 M fast + 8 M chip not working
Gobiiins 3 : 8 M fast + 8 M chip working
Gobiiins 3 : 2 M fast + 8 M chip working
Gobiiins 3 : 8 M fast + 2 M chip not working

And I have tried with all specials commands like NoMemReverse (can load Gobliiins 3 but crash after load).

Is It a WHDload bug ?

30th March 2014, 23:46
Whdload or WinUAE?

I'm surprised 8MB chip setting is working.

I always try to get the original disk/adf version of a game working first, so I know the configuration needed, then it can be adjusted for whdload.

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31st March 2014, 18:54
Oops I have make another try. In fact there isn't bug, with 2M chip Cedric run directly (4 / 5 s) but with 8M I have the whdload splash screen during at least 40s (but it run too).

IDK if it s whdload or winuae I can't make try on real amiga but there is a big difference.

Edit: New problem with ishar 1/2/3 OCS versions are ok but AGA don't run with 8M chip (Run with 2 M), I have a return to shell.

3rd April 2014, 18:16
I have made somes other test and if I take A1200/020 model with zorro RAM, Goblins 3 is working with only 2 M chip, but the game is too fast and I haven't found how to reduce speed with FS-UAE.

3rd April 2014, 23:28
I've not actually run FS-UAE yet myself so can't comment directly, but in WinUAE you can adjust the speed of the emulation under the hardware section of the properties. Games running too fast was a common issue on fast CPUs on a real Amiga too.

If I get time next week I will try Goblins and Cedric and see what I can get them both to do.

5th April 2014, 13:26
Yep, I think it s that. The speed problem isn't visible on all game, I think it s from the whdload archive (this game isn't made for fast processor) sound is correct, animation too, but the personnage moves are too fast.