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7th February 2014, 09:07
I like to have an online chat on my reading rooms to access immediate and reliable information from librarians anytime 24/7. I have tried RumbleTalk and Flashcat which help with quick reference by sharing Internet and library sources but lack of third party capability, any suggestions?

3rd December 2015, 15:11
Hello people!

I spent hours and hours researching the best chat application for my website. I went with Rumbletalk after all and it is really cool! I can manage my own design just as much as I want, application works really nice on phones as well, I can post youtube videos, charts, pictures. It is also a safe application what I like really a lot as not many of them are so protected.

When I extracted the chat logs it also increases my page SEO and after all it is a great application! For me personally it is the best html chat room (https://www.rumbletalk.com/blog/index.php/2015/09/16/html-chat-room/) application.

I recommend it to everyone!


18th March 2016, 13:45
Hey lads! I have been using RumbleTalk for quite a few months now and it really is a decent software. You need to understand that I tried many other applications of this type as well and I always found a problem with it. I think that Rumbletalk is basically the best Community chat (http://www.rumbletalk.com/blog/index.php/2016/01/01/community-chatroom-around-passion/) out there. They even offer a FREE 7 days trial now.

Why I started using Rumbletalk?

1. I am able to post youtube videos, charts, pictures and it all looks nice
2. I am able to manage my own design just as much as I would like
3. I have the ability to export the chat logs(increase SEO with this)
4. I can use it on my blog, webpage and facebook page at the same time and it is synchronizing really well
5. Works really well on phones
6. It is html5 based and it is not a resourse hog
7. Nice support(got help when I needed it)


Would love to hear from you!