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10th September 2013, 15:27
Have you all read the Sony announcement for the upcoming Playstation Vita TV?

It's a very small box you plug into your HDTV. It comes with a wireless Dualshock 3 gamepad and a slot for Vita games. It allows you to play Vita games directly on your TV without a Vita, but also supports remote play games for PS4 games.

It looks like Sony have really been looking at the recent serge in small Android based consoles and realised their existing Vita hardware is perfect to do the same, and more! It will also support Internet streaming services like Netflix. Nice.

This could really breath new life into the Vita games market, and also allow easy connection to play PS4 games in multiple rooms.



10th September 2013, 16:36
I really can't undestand that. If you want to play PS games on your big TV screen, then why just not buy a PS3 or the upcoming PS4? It's really sounds nonsense to me, probably is like that they want to sell something to the people that they really don't want, but with cunning adverts, they can fool everybody to buy this, but not me. Oh well...

10th September 2013, 21:38
It's primary reason is to play Vita games directly on your TV, without needing to own a Vita.

Being able to play PS4 games is just a bonus addition, and I'm guessing a feature inherited directly from its Vita origins as the handheld will also be able to play PS4 games.

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Demon Cleaner
11th September 2013, 07:52
If it's not too expensive, I might get it, as it would be nice to play Vita games on a bigger screen, although I have to mention, that so far I only have 2 games, LBP which came with the console, not interested in playing that one the big screen, but I also have Persona 4 Golden, which would be VERY nice to play on a big screen.