View Full Version : New Amiga Magazine "880 Gamer" launched!

3rd September 2013, 01:26
A new degital only PDF based magazine has been launched, called 880 Gamer.

You can download the first issue from:


It's only 36 pages long, including quite a few classic full page game adverts to being back some notalgia, but it shows real promise with some nice editorial, game reviews, and even 3 demos scene reviews.

Lets hope the momentum keeps going and we get to see a second issue. However the first issue is from May, so they have already missed their Bi-Monly deadline for the next issue.

Stephen Coates
23rd September 2013, 20:20
I had a read through this the other day. Looks pretty good. I'd be happy to see another one.

Haven't tried the cover disk, as I've not had any luck getting stuff over to my Amiga from Linux (doesn't be bothered to reboot in Windows). I'll try the cover disk out some other time.


Demon Cleaner
24th September 2013, 05:57
Will check it out this morning.

30th November 2013, 23:10
Issue two is out now.

31st March 2014, 17:28
Very nice thanks for doing this.

22nd May 2014, 20:20
Issue 3 out now.