View Full Version : Web 2.0?

Stephen Coates
8th August 2013, 11:23
What happened to Web 2.0? I've not heard it mentioned in ages, and things don't seem to be quite as "Web 2.0-like" as they were 6 years ago.

Have we finally moved on to something else?

8th August 2013, 11:54
Web 2 is basically how most sites are now constructed and run and is the standard so the term has lost its shine/interest. It basically referred to websites that are dynamically generated, rather that built on static page code. Utilising a database, dynamically building pages from server-side code such as php, and generating the design from style sheets. Plus allowing dynamic control of page content by the user.

The term html5 is still currently the tent within web design, but the term web 3 also exists, but is mostly a future concept based around the idea of user collaboration, whereby the theory would be to have an internet where all content can be tailored to the individuals needs... which is kind of possible already if you combine a centralized feed drawing in content. But saying that html 5 is still now finalised and is still developing.

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