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Stephen Coates
28th July 2013, 02:54
How's everyone found the weather recently?

Its been in excess of 30C in here recently, but I've managed to keep comfortable by having my fan on full blast. I did manage to get a bit of sun burn the other day when I went out on the bike.

Unfortunately, now it seems to have got more humid and I'm much more uncomfortable.

28th July 2013, 12:48
Yep, it has been really hot and sunny here in the south for quite a few weeks now. Reached about 35C on some days. Being dry has allowed me to get the garden finally knocked into shape though, as it was ruined by the floods last year. The lawn is slowly recovering and the bare patches are starting to fill in. Very dry and rock hard ground though. I still want to know how weeds and stinging nettles can still manage to grow and amazing rates though. :mad:

I managed to avoid getting sunburnt this year, so far. Normally when I go to Goodwood Festival of Speed mid July I always get my neck burnt, but this year I took some factor 50 with me and didn't get burnt at all. The same can't be said for the mosquito bites I received that day though.. my legs and feet were covered! Great weekend though (will be posting some photos soon).

Have you had much rain Steve? I saw on the news that the Midlands and further north have been getting flash flooding with a lot of rain in a short space of time with thunderstorms. We hadn't had any rain at all, until yesterday late afternoon when we had decided to have a barbecue (typical)! It had been hot and sunny all day.. I lit the BBQ and it started to drizzle, then rained heavily for about 2 hours, so I had to do the traditional English BBQ under an umbrella. :lol: Tasted nice though.

Kin Hell
28th July 2013, 13:08
It's been stunning down here for the last 4 weeks. Only a few hours of rain during the day though most of it happened during the nights. Only dulled over in the last two days really & the forecast is set for rain today, showers during the week & then sunny again by Friday. :)
What few showers have happened were almost tropical in nature, with huge rain drops having a really refreshing nature getting caught between shelters.

We had absolutely perfect weather for fitting a new slate roof on the house these past weeks & even I got the legs out in some shorts for the event. I don't look like like I have a couple of pints of milk anymore. :lol:

Stephen Coates
28th July 2013, 14:45
We just had a bit of rain today.

We haven't had much rain, though we did have a really loud thunderstorm the other day.

Demon Cleaner
28th July 2013, 15:55
Same here, only problem is that it's been also 30 degresse inside the house making sleeping quite unbearable. Today it's finally raining since the whole day already, and temperatures dropped until 22 degrees, so I opened all the windows to get a bit fresh air and cool everything down.

I'm going to Finland anyway on Tuesday for almost 2 weeks, and they have 23-24 degress there at the moment, which is very nice.