View Full Version : Underground Gamer is offline

31st May 2013, 12:49
As of today underground Gamer has been taken offline.

The site now holds a placeholder notice stating it I'd down due to legal copyright issues. They do however state that it isn't over, and they are working on the solution. So fingers crossed they will be back very soon.

I noticed this morning when I saw that the UG torrents I was seeding had gone dead.

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Demon Cleaner
1st June 2013, 22:52
Didn't download anything lately from them anyway, still said to hear, and I really hope they're gonna stay alive.

15th June 2013, 23:49
It will come as no surprise that EA were indirectly involved in the closure of UG. Apparently some Copyright Warchdogs were coming after UG for some of the old games distributed through UG, like FIFA '98. So they took down the site to protect their members.