View Full Version : Sport Chelsea vs Benfica - Europa League final

15th May 2013, 23:40
As a Benfica Fan, (I am from Lisbon). I am again feeling like s*** :mad: :(

It's the second time we loose with Chelsea, playing better.
It's the 7 consecutive Europa final that we go and we lose..... WTF ?!?! We only win the first 2 finals, after that 7 times we lose.
fxxx !!! We did a very good campaign in europe wining difficult teams we go to the final, we play better and we lose..... sxxx i am feeling so bad.
But football is like this, the team who scores more goals wins... :huh2:

Demon Cleaner
16th May 2013, 12:53
I missed the game, at the moment I'm concentrated on the Ice Hockey world championship.

As you know my girlfriend is from Finland, so we support them, and they are also 1st of their group/division, having won 6 games out of 7, also beating Russia 3-2! Today is the quarter final against Slovakia. Hyvää Suomi!!!