View Full Version : No sound anymore?

Demon Cleaner
29th March 2007, 00:27
I started a film and I had no sound, weird. Then I checked the Sounds and Audio Devices, and I get following window:


A few days ago it still worked fine. Even when I start Simon the Sorceror, I get a window that there was no sound device found, thus not starting the game. I haven't touched anything, perhaps my onboard sound has died? The device manager still shows it as working properly.

29th March 2007, 01:17
I've had this problem before now. I think I fixed it by rebooting into safe mode, uninstalling the sound card drivers completely, then restarting into Windows and letting it detect the device and install it again. Maybe download the latest version of the sound drivers first so you have the latest.

Hope that works.

29th March 2007, 02:37
How strange! Never had that happen before...

Demon Cleaner
29th March 2007, 21:01
The reinstall worked. Even with no reboot.

29th March 2007, 21:11
That's good.