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9th March 2013, 22:38
What is an Everdrive?

Everdrives are game cartridges for retro consoles with an SD memory card slot, and they allow you to run game rom files on the real console from the SD card. You put some game rom files onto an SD card and insert it into the Everdrive. Insert the Everdrive into the console's cartridge slot, start the console and the Everdrive loads a menu system where you can browse the SD card contents, select a game file and load it.

They also have some advanced features, such as supporting more obscure code to get more games running, and the ability to save more game saves directly to the SD card. Plus supporting other features, such as the SNES Everdrive being able to run NES games and the Megadrive Everdrive able to run Master System and X32 games.

The creator, Krikzz, has been very busy and has created Everdrives for the majority of retro consoles.

Take a look a Krikzz's site HERE (http://krikzz.com/) to see each Everdrive and the consoles they support.

Over at Amibay we are currently running an Everdrive group buy.

Date for Last Orders: 23rd March
Last Payment Date: 7 April.

The Amibay member r0jaws is coordinating this group buy with a number of other people across multiple sites/forums. The group buy has allowed the bulk order to reduce the cost of the Everdrives.

Currently quoted prices (but might change slightly):

EDN8: $85
ED64: $80
MEga-ed: $107
sd2snes: $155
all other carts: $60 (SNES, Turbo, MD, Master)

The Everdrives are PCB boards only. They do not come with a cartridge shell. You will need to provide your own shells. It isn't hard. For my SNES and N64 Everdrives (from the last group buy) I managed to buy some rubbish games for 1 including postage from ebay and use those to house the Everdrives.
Standard first class and Airmail delivery to cost, including the packaging, are expected to be:
UK 3.00
EU 4.70
Worldwide Variable, eg Brazil 7.50

If any Classicamiga members wish to take part in this group buy then please post your interest in this thread listing the Everdrives you wish to buy. I will then pass the order for you over at Amibay. once the Last Order date has past I will then contact you to let you know how to pay for the Everdrives and what to do next.

Kin Hell
10th March 2013, 08:21
Group buying. What a great idea. :)

Demon Cleaner
11th March 2013, 05:50
Cool stuff, although not for me anymore.