View Full Version : Amiga themed Fluxbox

Stephen Coates
8th January 2013, 22:09
I decided to reinstall my Debian system recently, and thought about setting something up with Fluxbox, rather than the traditional Gnome or LXDE which I normally use.

As I like the Amiga's appearance, I thought I'd make an Amiga theme for Fluxbox.

I've started with the window decorations. I originally made some that were very Amiga-like, but then realised that Fluxbox can only use square buttons for things like close/maximise/etc. So I redesigned them to be square. Also, the resize button at the bottom is placed at both sides of the screen, so I redesigned it to be two triangles, rather than just one.

The font in the title bar is Terminus. I might change that though.

The desktop and file manager is provided by ROX-Filer. This is a really nice file manager.


I still need to sort out the menu, and also the 'taskbar'.

Maybe when this is finished I will try and make a more modern looking OS4 style theme.

p.s. My 1700th post :).

p.p.s. Is there a resolution limit for attachments? The screenshot is supposed to be 1920*1200.:hmmm: