View Full Version : I put my Amiga Joystick in the tablet with keyrah and some external buttons

27th December 2012, 23:04
My last geek project:
Amiga Joystick on my tablet BQ Maxwell Plus with external buttons for extra options. I used a keyrah adaptor.
Playing Turrican on Amiga emulator with the Joy/keyrah/external buttons: :ninja::shades:


28th December 2012, 00:57
That is really cool.

What in addition to the Keyrar needed doing? Do you just plug the Keyrar directly into the tablet's USB port?

28th December 2012, 08:49
The tablet has a OTG mini USB, so i order from ebay hong kong and mini-usb-2-female-usb for 1 dolar and it was ready to roll !
the keyrah is USB so, just plug-in. :thumbs:

29th December 2012, 03:25
How about this for an evolution of the project?

Tablets can use Bluetooth keyboards, mice, PS3 and Wii controllers.. So in theory it should be possible to use one as a donar hardware to combine with an Amiga joystick and other hardware to create retro Bluetooth devices. No wires!

5th January 2013, 15:18
I guess it is possible, you just need imagination.

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