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29th November 2012, 12:52
Assuming you had a PC of current gaming spec and also owned the current consoles (PS3, 360), if a game is released cross all platforms which version would you normally buy? And why?

Does it come down to a preference for a particular platform? Or do you do some research first to see which version is the best?.. f.ex. if a game is developed on the 360 then ported to other platforms it often means the 360 version is generally the best one.

29th November 2012, 13:00
Personally for me it depends on the game, but at the moment I'm buying nore PC versions of many games instead of console versions. With the PC I like the fact most games allow customization of settings (graphics), so you are not stuck with the fixed resolution of a console (720 or 1080), and with current GPUs you can go much further than consoles are currently capable of.

Equally its nice to play games on a console relaxing on the sofa with a big TV.

But I also think it is down to the genre. Certain genres suit different platforms and control systems. I still hate trying to play any FPS game with a controller. Give me a mouse and keyboard any day. Equally I have to use a controller for many genres. The good thing these days is that most PC games released in the past few years directly support the Xbox 360 controller, so you get the best of both worlds on the PC, being able to play games exactly as originally designed for on the 360, but with the ability to have even better visuals and higher resolutions if wanted. So that kind of blurs it for me as to which platform to buy for.

Regarding the Xbox 360, I was very late in buying one and have only been buying games exclusive to the platform, and nothing else.

PS3 is very different as I've owned one for some time and do own a few games available on other platforms.

29th November 2012, 13:25
It depends.
My PC (laptop) is getting old, so i can't play games in higher definitions, so a PS3 game will be better.

Demon Cleaner
29th November 2012, 16:20
Indeed, depends on the game, but I would otherwise say 90% console, as like you mentioned, lying on the couch playing on a big screen is a different experience.

Kin Hell
29th November 2012, 16:53
PC platform, cos Consoles don't even get close yet. Next genre might be better, but nothing comes close to nVidia 670/680/690, especially when these monsters are run in SLI with Intel Ivybridge/Sandybridge platforms. Obviously a deep wallet is needed for such a Luxurious PC spec, but in terms of Eye Candy, that deep wallet kills consoles entirely.
One thing as a PC user:
WTF @ coders that write lame code for consoles, then port it to the PC platform & leave totally useless key configs. LMAO @ Far Cry 3. - define mouse buttons on right hand as you walk forwards, you can then walk and shoot. :eyebrow: Muppets!

29th November 2012, 21:18
Totally agree, and it's a huge problem at the moment because a large majority of PC releases are developed on the 360 and then ported. I like the fact they retain direct 360 gamepad support in all games, but just don't get why some developers leave layouts locked to a couple of predefined layouts. Mad.

And some are even so lazy they don't even offer pc gamers any graphics settings. I picked up Ridge Racer Unbound cheap in the Steam sales, and whilst it looks nice it has no graphics settings at all except the resolution. Not on.

And some others you have to resort to editing an ini file, which we shouldn't have to these days.

Kin Hell
1st December 2012, 14:14
I will never buy another version of COD again. After Modern Warfare 4, it was just a-nother console game. Shame really considering the COD series was originally aimed @ the PC market. Ah well..... :dry:

1st December 2012, 14:58
This late in the generation it's mostly PC only except for the console exclusives. It was the same thing with me last generation too. Consoles just lag way too far behind in their last years. As for playing on the couch in the living room, I have my PC set up in the living room with a 55" TV anyway. :)

Kin Hell
2nd December 2012, 11:45
I also have to digress @ the console market thinking they can enter the FPS arena. Trying to play FPS games on a Joypad is simply shocking. :rolleyes:

2nd December 2012, 22:36
Indeed, and the bad thing is that the majority of games on the Xbox 360 are FPS It really is horrible trying to play them with a gamepad. I feel like I'm constantly fighting the controls just to be able to move and aim at the same time, rather than it being second nature as it is on the PC with Keyboard and mouse. You just can't enjoy a game like that.

The lack of accuracy in aiming is also so annoying... with most console FPS games compensating for this issue by having huge hit areas around a target, so you still score a hit even if you are completely off target.

Blame Goldeneye on the N64 though. If that hadn't been so successful I'm sure we would not have seen the FPS genre get so big on consoles.

Kin Hell
3rd December 2012, 19:24
Aye! :dry:

14th December 2012, 23:32
Obviously PS3 as I don't have any other choice.