View Full Version : Help! Do I need more memory to run Whdload on A600?

2nd November 2012, 13:23

I've dusted off my old Amiga 600 and bought a 4G card off ebay with a load of games on.

Some work and some don't, I get the following errors quite a lot.

DOS-Error #103 (not enough memory available) on loading "game"
DOS-Error #103 (not enough memory available) on loading overlay "Resload"
Can't allocate ExpMem

Do I simply need to buy some more memory and will that allow more games to load? Can anyone recommend or suggest what type of memory I need to buy and where to get it from please?



2nd November 2012, 15:47
Hi and welcome. :thumbs:

Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking. WHDLoad needs at least 4MB total system ram to work properly on the A600. This would be in the form of 2MB chip ram and at least 2MB fast ram.

What do you have at the moment? The A600 comes with 1MB chip ram built in, and you can add another 1MB chip ram in the trapdoor expansion bay under the A600. If you need a trapdoor expansion you could search on ebay and amibay.com for a second hand one, called an A601, which is the original Commodore made model, of there are 2 newer models made by Indivision and called the A602 and A603. You can still buy a new A603 1MB trapdoor expansion from amigakit.com.

Now for fast ram. If you can find one, a 16bit SRam PCMCIA card that plugs into the side expansion slot on the left-hand side of the A600 can be used to add fast ram. These come in 1, 2 and 4MB sizes. You can also get 4 and 8MB fast ram expansions that you fit internally to add the fast ram. Look on Amibay.com as some members often sell them, sometimes referred to as the A608.

Hope that helps.

7th November 2012, 15:20
Thanks very much Harrison for your response.

I'll have a look on those websites you suggested and see what I can find. :thumbs: