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24th October 2012, 16:37
So what are your thoughts on the new iPad Mini?

Personally I think its the most underwealming Apple launch ever. Same resolution as the iPad 2, giving Apple the advantage that all the existing apps will run without the embassassing black areas like the iPhone 5. Same last gen processor. And same high Apple price tag.

Apple will sell the Mini purely because of all the brainwashed public. However spec and price wise they have lost the battle. Google announced on Monday that a 32GB version of the Nexus 7 is going on sale at the same 199 price as the existing 16GB version.

Compare this with the iPad Mini and to get a 32GB version you will need to pay 349! And for a 64GB version you are looking at 429. Mad! And if you want to add 3/4G then you are looking at 369 for the 16GB version, going all the way up to 529!!!

Google have also thrown another spanner in the works by announcing the new 10" Nexus 10 and a new smartphone the Nexus 4. Asus will also be releasing a 3G version of the Nexus 7.

Wi-Fi model is also lacking GPS. I've already used my Nexus 7 when out to get some navigation. Worked really well with offline GoogeMaps, and also tethered to my phone for new information.

And the resolution is identical to most existing 7" tablets, if not a bit lower than some of the newest.

All they have basically done is shrink the iPad 2. Same screen resolution and other specs. It will therefore run all existing iPad 2 apps without an issue, making Apple's new device look well supported out of the box.

So as expected the Mini has ended up being an overpriced cash-in on their last gen hardware.

It is also interested to see they are dropping the iPad 3 but keeping the iPad 2. Must be cheap to make the 2 these days and get a good profit, but probably not so cheap to keep making the 3 due to the screen.

Lets hope the iPad 4 addresses the rubbish refresh rate of the 3's retina display. Interesting that they don't have the 4 ready but are taking pre-ordered and have stopped selling the 3 instantly. Interesting specs for the 4 but I bet it will carry an equally high price.

28th October 2012, 00:50
It's a bit disappoing that Google bringing out 32gb for same price as the 16gb they should be offering us a free upgrade :dry:

28th October 2012, 01:06
It was a bit annoying as I had only bought me Nexus 7 recently too. But I'm not too bothered as I tend to stream most content and with all the Apps I want to install I've still got over 8GB free on mine, so that's OK. Local storage is become much less important, especially with services like Dropbox.

Kin Hell
4th November 2012, 19:29
Gah! - Too small. My only bitch about the iPad is the screen should be A4 sized. Aside from this, Deb's is wanting the New iPad for Xmas so desperately, I could have a Christmas Wish-list to die for this year! -Okay honey, so what do I get if I say yes? :devil:

25th November 2012, 07:39
A smaller screen iPad 2? What is the point? Ridiculous!

25th November 2012, 11:09
I personally think the smaller 7" tablet form factor works much better for portability that 10" ones. The 16:9 screen of the Nexus 7 also shows widescreen videos larger than a 4:3 iPad screen!