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10th October 2012, 10:54
I spend +/- 1H:40M a day to go and come back from work (train and subway). i usually read.
but i like to play in my Android mobile. I played a few amiga games in UAE for Android.
But even if the game loads ok, it's hard to play in a mobile (Galaxy ace).
I played Monkey island with sucess, but for example, Eye of the Beholder and Elvira are to
complicated to play on my device because they require a certain speed with the mouse, that i can't do
with the touch screen. Other games like platforms are hard, controls are not 100% acurate, and sometimes
they take a while to work.
So, do you play Amiga on mobile or tablets? what games did you played with no problems?

11th October 2012, 10:26
Adventure games, as you mentioned, are good. Anything that isn't reaction based, so tactical games could be good.

Civilisation and Sim City might work well. Or turn based war games and RPGs.

Not really considered what actual games are best suited. Will have to all try and make a list.

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11th October 2012, 12:27
Yes adventure games work, in uae and also in scummvm for Android.
monkey island run nice in uae, but i tried today to run Simon the sorcerer, works fine, but to skip the long intro you have to click right mouse button,
and dnot know why, it does not work in this game (work in other games)... so everytime i want to play i have to see the full intro... :blink:
I gave it a try on Dune, looks fine.

In ScummVM for Android, monkey island also works, the dig runs perfect, i finnish the game in the android, full throttle also works.