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4th October 2012, 18:09
Hello guys , I am hoping this forum is going to be my life saver!! I have limited experience with emulators , basically old zxspectrum ones. Anyway I am at a complete loss here and i'll be blunt all i want to do is play sensible world of soccer for the rest of my days and with a bit of canon fodder thrown in! Can anyone help what I need to do? I see you take donations...so if anyone can give a thickos run down for me to play these games I would be very grateful and be sure to help out with donations . I have an acer aspire laptop running vista which i will be using this on ... thankyou in advance ! Mark

4th October 2012, 20:39
The far simplest solution for someone new to emulation who simply want to play some games with as little hassle as possible is to just go to thecompany.pl They provide downloads of games packaged with an emulator with the correct settings. Self-extracting and just running as it is without installing anything, it can't get easier. Should you want to fiddle with some settings like setting up a controller just hit F12 at any time to bring up the emulator gui.

If you'd like to learn more about emulating Amiga or have other related questions, just ask away. There are several experts here who love to help. :)

4th October 2012, 23:58
I agree. Download each game from thecompany.pl (http://thecompany.pl)list of Amiga games. Each game comes as a .exe file. You just double click the file to load the game to play as if it were a standard PC program. No hassles.

thecompany have done this by combinung the Amiga emulator WinUAE with each specific game, configured specifically for that game and packaged it up within the self contained exe files. Very clever.

We actually host the official mirror for all their game exe files too.

And if you want to explore Amiga emulation more than as Teho said, just ask us whatever you want.

8th October 2012, 12:39

Kin Hell
9th October 2012, 18:41
Hiya. :)

Not dissing Teho in any manner, but I must comment about the "Expert" comment he makes, with up-most respect....

An "Ex" is a "has been" & a "Spurt" is a "Drip under pressure". :D

Don't take me wrong either, there are plenty of memebrs here with some serious knowledge of the Amiga scene. I'm more of a Hardware man myself and more App bent than game bent, .....if that makes sense.

Hope you have a great time here. :)

@ Phantom

FS m8. Ur hotel is booked up to the hilt for next year!! - Can you Email me any cancelations you might accure for next year, so we can get our Asses out there? - The links you sent me earlier are futile & with the years we've had in the last 2, we need a break from hell. :p ;) :thumbs:

9th October 2012, 23:37
@ Kin Hell

?????? Just pm me your possible date for next year, don't use the site. :D

10th October 2012, 16:01
An "Ex" is a "has been" & a "Spurt" is a "Drip under pressure". :D

..yes? Are you saying I was wrong in stating there are many of those here? :p

Kin Hell
11th October 2012, 09:27
An "Ex" is a "has been" & a "Spurt" is a "Drip under pressure". :D

..yes? Are you saying I was wrong in stating there are many of those here? :p

I wasn't suggesting we have any members suffering from such a status, I was merely making a general all round statement to the term "Expert".
I've met many who profess to be such a person & then they walk away leaving a complete abortion behind them.
It's probably just me, but having been brought up to keep ones gob shut unless you know what you are talking about, I have always followed this implictly, if only to save oneself from appearing a total twat. ;)