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4th September 2012, 00:38
Did anyone else watch the start of the new Doctor Who, series 7, Asylum of the Daleks?

Great to have the series back and a very good opening episode. I love the Daleks and am so happy they didn't kill them off as planned at one point. A couple of nice twists in this episode too.

It will be a shame to see Amy Pond leave the show this series. She has been one of the best assistants.

Did you also know that the BBC made a mini-adventure called "Pond Life", consisting of 6 mini web episodes that lead into the first Episode. If you didn't know about it take a look at:


Demon Cleaner
4th September 2012, 12:43
I don't like the series.

4th September 2012, 17:27
Any of them? Or just the more recent ones?

I think with most people in the uk growing up with Doctor Who its something we all remember fondly.

My favourite doctor from the past was always Tom Baker.

Demon Cleaner
4th September 2012, 18:10
Just any.

4th September 2012, 18:57
That's a shame. There have been a lot of great episodes.

8th September 2012, 19:05
I remember seeing some episodes at a super-late firday/saturday hour and I did enjoy it but because they showed it so late didn't really get into it.
I do love the DW theme played on the theremin, it is epic.

Just checked wiki and it appears I saw a few episodes with Christopher Eccleston and a some with David Tennant so it must've been around 2005-2007.

Too bad there are like over 700 episodes and movies to watch, would be awesome to download them all and watch from the start, but on the other hand I heard most of the first episodes are lost, and I'm pretty lost about where to grab them, since demonoid died...

16th September 2012, 19:05
Yes seen all 7 series have not missed one yet.

16th September 2012, 21:00
In two minds about this new series - it just seems so chaotic, the scripts just jump wherever they need to go with little or no logic.

It's family entertainment I guess, but it feels a little strange. Can't say I've been bored watching it however, and the Daleks are always fun to see.

16th September 2012, 22:11
Matt Smith has definitely created some great energy and it did felt like he carried on where David Tennant finished, plus both actors have shown a much more emotional and "human" side to the Doctor.

It is hard to believe how young Matt Smith actually is as his Doctor definitely comes across as someone much older and wiser.

David Tennant is however still my favourite Doctor overall though.