View Full Version : Valve's Steam App

30th August 2012, 13:13
Has anyone tried Valve's Steam App?

available on both iPhone and Android it lets you log into your Steam account, with its familiar Steam interface. You can access your account, look through your game library, purchase new games, see who is online from your friends list, and access you groups. About the only thing you can't do is actually play the PC/Mac games.

Is it worthwhile? I think so as can also launch steam chat and talk to friends currently logged into steam, which is great to arrange some multiplayer gaming later, to update your group announcements/alerts etc... and although I've not tried this yet, I'm guessing if your gaming PC were running, if you purchased a game in the app, it would start to download from the PC, so you could buy a new game whilst out and it would be downloaded and ready to play once you get home.

It's free for any Steam account holders so worth installing.

31st August 2012, 10:42
I guess you can buy a game (for pee cee) in iphone/android, but not counting with the option of chat, what is the objective of having that on the phone? You have to log in in you computer to download the game, so what's the point on buying it from the mobile? It could be good for browsing the available games...

31st August 2012, 12:40
Just to access Steam on the move really. It allows you to do everything other than actually play the games. You can receive new group alerts, read Steam news, contact and chat to friends. It's really the social side of Steam it is offering.

Some people are moaning that the app remains running on the background. This is so you can get instant alerts to new messages, chat requests, latest Steam news etc.. Similar to the eBay app. personally I like that, but on older phones with more limited resources (internal storage and ram) I can see it might be an issue.