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24th August 2012, 13:03
This may come as a shock to Amiga owners, but some of us do also own Atari STs!

So what Atari STs do you own, and are you considering any more?

24th August 2012, 13:21
At the moment I own a 520 STFM and a 4MB STE.

I originally owned a 520 STFM back in 1987 and used it as my main computer under 1990 when I bought my first Amiga. Sadly that ST died and was sold for parts. But a couple of years ago someone was offering one on Amibay so I decided to take it to relive some of my ST memories.

I'd also always wanted an STE back in the 80's but still being at school couldn't afford one then, and once I moved on to the Amiga didn't consider it again. But I finally managed to grab one on eBay for a nice price with 4MB ram already installed. I mainly wanted to use it to explore the few STE capable games that were released, plus the demoscene productions released, to see what it could be made to do... and to compare it alongside the Amiga to see if Atari had managed to upgrade the ST enough to compete on a capability level, even if it was too little too late at the time for them to truly regain the lost ground to the Amiga.

A couple of Atari's I also always wanted and have still never owned are the TT and Falcon. I also remember reading all the reviews of the TT at the time and really wanting one of those. Quite a rare machine now, and not that common back then. Very nice design at the time, but sadly a bit to niche to gain any real following other than for CAD and DTP. Shame as it would have been very nice for the ST to have been more like the TT. And the Falcon was quite special, but sadly limited by budget constraints due to Atari struggling towards the end of its life. Could have been a real Amiga A1200 beater if only it had the marketing, a slightly faster CPU and the development a little more room to develop.

24th August 2012, 19:25
I have
520 STFM with no floppy or psu inside
1040 STFM
STE with 4mb ram

Amiga is better but i like my STs.

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Kin Hell
28th August 2012, 15:22
This may come as a shock to Amiga owners, but some of us to also own Atari STs!

So what Stari STs do you own, and are you considering any more?

It certainly does come as a shock, especially when the Amiga blows the Atari clean out of the water in all instances. One thing to say to the man who invented the Atari: :fekr:

Atari's ever owned here: Nil

6th February 2013, 05:56
Mine's a 520 STE maxed to 4 MB, upgraded with TOS 2.06 and the bad DMA chip replaced with a good one. Also have a SatanDisk for it.

This isn't my first ST as I had a 1040 STE for a short period about five years ago but swapped that with an A2000.

Back when I was a kid, my friends had STs and I wanted one too as I still had an C64. However, I ended up getting a PC. Funny to say that even though the Amiga is a technically better machine than the ST, I find myself more emotionally attached to the ST.

6th February 2013, 16:31
I know what you mean. When I was still in the 8bit era I read and watched everything about the ST, but not so much about the Amiga as it wasn't covered as much in the UK at the time. I focused on wanting one over any other machine and owned my first STFM from 1987 until 1990 when I got my first Amiga. The Amiga was miles ahead of the ST technically but because I owned one as my main computer for years it still has a strong emotional attachment and memory for me. I think it happens for any machine (computer, car etc) regardless of what it is or how good it was.

Kin Hell
7th February 2013, 20:37
Still NIL here. :whistle:

7th February 2013, 21:16
Go in, I dare you! You might even like it. Lol

Kin Hell
8th February 2013, 22:40
Go in, I dare you! You might even like it. Lol

Seriously; Ur havin' a laugh arn't u ? - Just ask Rkauer! :lol:

8th May 2013, 20:27
My reason to get one was the age old amiga is better then the ST war on the
bbs's at the time so now that they were cheaper I could get one and try it
Now mind you i'm no mega gamer so I may not be to critical but the one's I
have tried a few that I liked on the Amiga and I enjoyed playing them on
the ST so far..


8th May 2013, 23:10
Have you noticed most games are a bit graphically inferior, and the audio is mainly 3 channel chip tunes? Most games were definitely better on the Amiga, but there are some that were much better on the Amiga... as has been explored in another thread here. Captain Blood being the best example.

The thing that did instantly strike me when I returned to the ST was the old style borders around screens. I had got so use to the Amiga's overscan screenmodes with no borders at all that I had forgotten the ST had them in most games.