View Full Version : Ripping albums with more than one artist

26th March 2007, 18:03
Currently I'm using CDex to rip CD's to MP3 - this works great when there's only one artist on the disc but when there's more than one, it messes up the info it gets from the CDDB (putting both the name of the artist and song title into the song title part of the ID3 tag).

Does anyone know of a good ripper that can handle multiple artist album tagging correctly?

26th March 2007, 19:59
I think the problem is more to do with the entries in the CDDB database rather than the ripping software. It can only auto tag the tracks based on the information it can obtain from each track it is given and the data currently in the database, so if the actual compilation album isn't in the database, but the tracks themselves are it will instead try to name each track based on the entries it does find.

I tend to use MediaMonkey to rename the tags in tracks and albums that are not correct as it has a good auto tag system where you can pick just specific parts of the tag information to update or change, or as would be useful in your case, it can extract the information from one of the tags or the filename and distribute the information into the correct tags.

26th March 2007, 20:48
Thanks for the Mediamonkey tip, totally forgot about it. Turns out, Mediamonkey can rip and tag the albums successfully.

When there's more than one artist on a CD, the CDDB database (freedb) provides each track name in the form "artist / track-title" with the space-slash-space indicating where the artists ends and the track titles starts. Looks like CDex was unable to inteperte that, but Mediamonkey can and as it also uses LAME to encode the MP3's I couldn't notice any difference in quality.