View Full Version : Software Hut, is this online store still alive?

31st July 2012, 03:28
Hello all,

I am curious if this store is still alive.
It has not been updated for two years now and they still have advertisements for games that were never finished such as Wasteland 2, but you would think that the site would be off the net if the store had gone out of business.


So has anyone perhaps done any business with them this year?

31st July 2012, 11:46
Last I heard the guy behind it was still in business, but never updates the website. People have successfully contacted them by email to ask if a product is available and to discuss and arrange the sale that way. Definitely not very professional, but if you are looking for something it can be worth a try if nowhere else is stocking it.

Saying that, I would rather deal with Amigakit and Vesalia. And if they don't have something then turn to Amibay and post a wanted advert.

31st July 2012, 16:03
Oh I was more curious Dave than that I wanted to buy something as the prices for games are quiet steep.
As you said, there are plenty of alternatives.