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22nd July 2012, 22:25
Ok, I have the following items..

x1 Stock Amiga 1200 with a 4gb compact flash card from amigakit preinstalled with WHDLoad apparantely.
x1 ADF Adapter PCMCIA with a sandisk 4gb card, not formatted or anything, straight out of packet.
x1 very annoyed person who cannot seem to figure this shizzle out :'(

My question to you is this. how do i get these things working, i would prefer to use WHDLoad because ive heard its faster and better etc..but i was also told to get an upgrade for my amiga 1200 because of ram issues, so is there any other way i can use my amiga 1200 harddrive for playing games or will i have to use disks? i need to know everything from scratch, ive never used workbench and never done anything on an amiga 1200 apart from use the purple insert disk screen to play my old games.. thanks everyone..

22nd July 2012, 22:49
Hi and welcome.

Firstly, the 4GB CF card from Amigakit. Did the A1200 come with the CF card already installed inside? If so what happens when you boot the A1200 up without any floppy disks in the drive? It should boot into Workbench if it is setup. And from using their supplied kit before you then have to do some setup steps to get it to work. Normally it will ask for each of an original set of Workbench floppy disks to finish setting up Workbench, then once rebooted will boot into Workbench.

To use the PCMCIA CF adapter you would have got a floppy disk with it. You can insert the CF adapter with some Amiga disk images in ADF format into the A1200 PCMCIA slot, then boot the system from the floppy disk and follow its instructions to write the ADFs you have put on the CF card back into real floppies. But if booted into Workbench from HD or CD card then you can install the software from the floppy disk and each time you insert the PCMCIA card into the A1200 it will act like a drive for you to copy any files you like between the Amiga and a PC. Just remember to format the CF card as a Windows FAT drive, and not a FAT32 drive as the Amiga can't read that, or an Amiga drive because the PC can't read that.

Hope that gets you started.

22nd July 2012, 23:00
Ok, i have Workbench 3.0 installed on my amiga 1200, i installed the 4gb amigakit harddrive card myself, when i turned on the powerpack it asked for workbench etc, so i installed all that, im hoping without any hitches etc..im hoping u dont need the fonts disk installed as that had an error on it whilst i was installing it..my adf transfer kit came with a disk that has EASYADF on it..trouble is i dont know how to get games from the PC to my amiga with that thing using the clean compact flash card i purchased from ASDA...i know that card works as it gets picked up on my workbench screen as DF0:NDOS, i followed all the steps that it came up with about installing it, but i see nothing about preinstalled games or anything..im kinda confused and lost tbh..i need a guide from after the workbench install, do i need to format the clean compact flash card i bought from ASDA using a tool on my PC so i can maybe download ADF files drag them to it, then place into my PCMCIA slot on my amiga 1200 and the harddrive will pick it up? any help is very bloody appreciated lol

23rd July 2012, 12:57
The EasyADF from Amigakit comes with a compact flash card all the software on it, all have to do is make a folder in it from the PC or a drawer in it from the Amiga ether way! Call it games or something, plug it into the pc put your games in it, plug it into the amiga on the Workbench it should pop up as 4gcf something like that! Open it up look for the drawer games, until you get use to using Amigakits transferring method :)

23rd July 2012, 15:23
Ok, firstly the out of the box Sandisk 4gb card i bought from ASDA forthe adf adapter from amigakit is unable to have a folder created in it from a PC, secondly, does it have to be formatted into any kind of card/drive that is readable by the Amiga 1200 wb 3.0, does it have to have a folder created on it from workbench?

23rd July 2012, 23:14
Did the adapter you bought for Amigakit not come with its own 4gb cf card? Because their cf card comes with the software pre installed allowing you to use it on the Amiga and PC which then you can add your own folders! I've just check their site, I take it you did not buy the optional 4gb cf card? In that case does the instruction tell you how to add their software to the cf card you bought?

23rd July 2012, 23:28
Just format the CF card on the PC and the Amiga should be able to read it fine.

23rd July 2012, 23:36
Im just gonna post up what i sent to amigakit, i am so desperately frustrated right now, NO i didnt buy the optional card, i bloody wish i had now :'( i use the ASDA card in my printer slot, i cannot access it at all, write protected piece of shit.. and no theres NO SWITCH!! sorry for the caps letters but, fuk it lol

Hello, as you can see from my order history ive purchased some items which enabled me to get my amiga 1200 running with a harddrive, i bought the complete package as someone said it was easy to install and easy to play games with etc, that was after i had already purchased the ADF Adapter kit minus a compack flash card, i went to ASDA and purchased a 4gb Sandisk Ultra 30MB/s, now..ive heard this card works with your adapters etc but and heres a very big but...my shizzle doesnt work, i followed you guide to installing the 4gb harddrive with whdload installed, now assuming i did that correctly (anyways to check that) thats working i think, because my amiga is picking up the drive with all the icons on it etc, why cant i access any games on it? are the games preinstalled or do i get them from somewhere else? if so how do i get them to the harddrive to play? i also thought as i couldnt get that working i would transfer an ADF file from my PC to my ADF Adapter card from ASDA's, but and another big but, low and behold it says its write protected and i cannot drag any ADF files to it, comes up as H drive through my printer slot, as i dont have a card reader directly in my PC..i looked for 2 hours to find a solution to this, all i found was use the switch on the side of the compact flash card, there is NO switch at all on either side, bottom or top of the sandisk card..ARGHHHHHHhhhh,, as u can tell i am very frustrated about this.. noone on amiga forums is replying to me, implying that this is such a common thing they cannot be bothered to help yet another Noob as myself,, maybe i shouldve stuck to spending money on original disk boxed games with the purple screen, im off now to cry and scream a little more, please help, for the love of God and all that is holy, im begging you...

24th July 2012, 15:00
The usual issues is that a card might be incompatible with the Amiga. It's quite common. The only cards that you can pretty much guarantee will work are Sandisk.

However, you mention you can't format the card in the PC and copy files to it. I would therefore try wiping the card completely and trying again. Try using Windows Disk Management for this. Either right click on "Computer", select manage, then go down to Disk Management. Or press Windows+R and type "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes). Now in the disk manager find the CF card and right click on it and choose delete volume. Now right click and select "new simple volume" and once complete it might then need formatting (again right click and select format).

If you try that the CF card should be prepared again and hopefully you can now write to it.

One the Amiga, in Workbench you also need to have the FAT32 filesystem installed. It comes on the EasyADF install disk, so it should be installed already if you correctly installed EasyADF from the disk. If not you can also download it from Aminet: http://aminet.net/package/disk/misc/fat95

24th July 2012, 18:01
EastADF is all installed properly as far as i can tell.. the compact flash card is a working flash card for the amiga, it is a 4gb Sandisk 30MB/s Ultra..i know for a fact these work as my amiga has one running as a harddrive also bought from amigakit..the disk management doesnt work on this card, i can only go into properties and explore, no volumes about, i know how to do that as i had to do it with my OCZ Agility 3 drive..