View Full Version : AmiBay hacked again?

19th June 2012, 11:54
It seems that AmiBay hacked again. It's nearly over a day that I cannot log-in to the site.

Anyone with the same problem?

19th June 2012, 12:15
Yes, must be another attack, it happend not so long ago.

You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

19th June 2012, 13:41
Not an attack this time..

The Amibay server is a managed server, and the datacentre thought it would be "useful" to "upgrade" the server's software to a different version of both Linux and Apache. This change has broken Amibay. Strangely they also upgraded the Classicamiga server's software at the same time but that didn't break, although a couple of other site's hosted on the same server did. I managed to work out what was causing those to break and hopefully it will help me work out the problem with Amibay.

Anyway... I will be working on it some more this afternoon, and hope to have it back up and running by tomorrow.

Sorry for the downtime and any inconvenience caused.

Any questions, please ask.

19th June 2012, 13:48
Now we know what's about. Thanks for the info Dave.

Kin Hell
19th June 2012, 19:34
I thought Classic would be giving me the same issue as AmiBay, even though I can only "lurk" over there, these days; - Based on the fact I already knew AmiBay hosting was the same as Classic.

I feel some kind of attack happened as I was also infected with Trojans for trying to load AmiBay's home page.....

The real question is: What does Classic have in place, that Amibay doesn't have in place? - Anything to do with AmiBay's VB being cut down compared with Classic?? - I'd like to think so....

19th June 2012, 21:06
They are running on different dedicated servers. I think 1and1 somehow disabled php parsing on the Amibay server when they upgraded it, because that seems to be the issue. I can run html files perfectly well on the server, but try and run a php file and the server returns a forbidden error. Everything looks correct from my end, so I've handed over to the server support team at the datacentre to investigate it for me further.

Regarding Amibay's version of vB being cut down... well CA is running on vB4.x and Amibay is currently still running the older 3.8. I had been pushing to get it upgraded to version 4, and finally everyone has agreed it is about time. So I now just need to find the time to begin the process.

Kin Hell
19th June 2012, 21:50
But AmiBay dropped phpbb for VB. So, aside from AmiBay being on VB 3.8 & not the current 4.x, ....wtf?? :huh:

This is no different to Bill & his cronies insisting their software has automatic updates to stay secure. More so, if AmiBay are paying for the software, then they should be paying for upgrades if required. Otherwise, their memebrs are getting done over by mis-management. - It's like having a dog and barking yourself. :rolleyes:

19th June 2012, 21:56
Versions 3 and 4 are very different software. Full version releases of vBulletin are major overhauls of the software, much like comparing Windows 98 with XP.

However, the current issue isn't vB released, but a server configuration issue on only the Amibay server.

Kin Hell
19th June 2012, 21:57
But Dave, if you're gunno jump on the bandwagon, you gotta stay in touch or get f'kd. ....Easy as. ;)