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3rd May 2012, 13:25
Hi guys, i've received today one gold rgb-scart cable for my A500 bought it from ebay.uk, but it seem that i have a problem with the colour on my living room lcd. When i'm turning my A500, on the main screen with the hand grabbing the floppy disk, the white colour is changed by the violet, and on the games is the same thing. Can anyone help me with this subject. Cheers

3rd May 2012, 23:51
Do you have more than 1 scart socket on your TV ? as I had problems with mine not getting a picture turn out that one of my scart sockets was RGB which once changed into that it was working great.

4th May 2012, 01:55
Or the scart cable might not be wired correctly. If you have a multimeter you can beep test the pins to see if the RGB wires are joined to the correct pins. You could get strange colours if you are missing one of the colour channels, or if the ground pins are not connected correctly.

Are you however sure the Amiga's video output is OK? Have you tried connecting it to any other TV or monitor?

4th May 2012, 09:50
As Harrison said, with a multimeter you can check if the wires goes to the right places.
You can pick a multimeter in any "loja do chinÍs" (Portuguese) it should be no more then 8 euros...
You can also look for the RGB output on the A500 to see if all pins are there, not the first time someone has 1 or 2 pins broken...
Can you test any other device in the SCART of your TV? Like a VCR, camera? Just to check if the scart on TV is ok.

Kin Hell
6th May 2012, 08:29
Pinouts are available here:


Also, DonAmiga is quite right too. Some TV's have more than one Scart Socket, but that dosen't mean they are all true RGB. Be sure to consult the manual for this model. It's also worth looking closely @ the back of the Scart Sockets themselves. You might see some relevent markings on the case, even raised lettering on the plastic surround itself. RGB1 usually donates the Primary and fully functioning RGB socket.

I'm sure you will suss it. :thumbs:

11th May 2012, 05:35
From another forum (link here: http://www.beexcellenttoeachother.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=511673#p511673

I have the TV connected via a Amiga RGB to SCART lead I bought from a "specialist" cable retailer. However I had to modify the cable myself due to distortion on the image. I think I documented that elsewhere though. But in short Amiga's may play merry hell with LCD's unless you mod the SCART lead. Sadly the people I got my lead from used the excuse that LCD's didn't work well with the Amiga. They are actually fine but some of the outputs are a tad high which a resister can sort (I think it was the sync line that was high).

So, yet another possibility to consider. Best of luck!

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