View Full Version : ex amiga trackaholic release album - ophidians: caricature personalities

8th April 2012, 16:56
harlequins enigma, his band have just released ophidians: caricature personalities. it is retro based, based totally on .mod files made in past & a few years back on the amiga. many guest artists are involved in the album, including jean michel jarre & tangerine dream. åge have worked as a professional musician with numerous prfessional international musicians. the abum is available on itunes & juno. the price tag on the 75 tracks it includes is a big smile :)

links to video, press release & album:






greetings to the scene & music lovers worldwide
-åge riisnes / harlequins enigma 08.04.2012 :tease:

8th April 2012, 21:17
This looks very nice. Great work and welcome to classicamiga. :)

I've just had a brief listen to some of the tracks on Juno, via their website player and they have a great Amiga mod tracker feel to them.

Especially like 90's Wave, and Moonchild Excerpt 4.. the latter having a big "Shadow of the Beast" feel to it.

Also great to see Jean Michel Jarre involved as I've always loved his work.