View Full Version : WHDLOAD Download Program

31st March 2012, 18:13
Hi guys, where can i download from a secure torrent or link the WHDLOAD program with the key included. Cheers

1st April 2012, 12:47
Sorry, but WHDLoad is a project everyone on Classicamiga fully believes should be supported with the purchase of a key. It doesn't cost much and you are supporting an amazing project that is still being developed. Please don't pirate the key and instead buy one.

In addition, pirate keys don't work. The WHDLoad developers quickly work out which keys have been stolen and add special measures to counter them with each new release. Anyone using a pirate key will experience games not loading, WHDLoad going to a black screen and hanging, sometimes refusing to load a game or quit a game... so it isn't worth the hassle.

31st December 2012, 01:00
Yah don't pirate whdload. Its cheap to get the full version.

11th December 2016, 05:01
maybe a torrent site would help